Revolver or semi auto for vehicle gun?

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  1. Mas,

    We had some prior discussions on vehicle guns and I appreciate your past advise.

    At one time I was tending toward a Smith semi auto SA/DA that had magazine disconnector, so I could disable the gun, if I wished and only have to carry magazine. As I will probably be carrying a belt gun, the carrying/concealing of car gun on my person could be difficult.

    Still like the idea of semi auto with magazine disconnector, but wonder if revolver may be overall a better choice. Concern about function of semi auto, if fired inside a vehicle, eg. cramped quarters, poor grip, slide hitting seat etc.

    In my particular case the car in question is a Ford Taurus with armrest that has storage compartment. Good aspect of armrest compartment is it permits fairly quick access to storage compartment - pull up from front and reach down. It does however, block easy access to gun on my hip. Compartment narrow enough that gun will not make a 180 degree turn in compartment, but stay pretty much in place with some back and forth movement.

    I am specifically thinking of my Ruger Speed Six 4" barrel loaded with 38 +P ammo. Limited capacity of revolver really not concern as I expect to be wearing semi auto on my hip, so could transition, if I was forced to exit vehicle.

    I rarely if ever park in bad area and have no gun related stickers on my vehicle. If I was really concerned I could put revolver in brief case and carry with me. People talk a lot about guns being stolen from vehicles and this is a concern. However, 90% of the time when I go home from the range I make stops, generally at grocery stores. Unloaded guns, but with ammo are locked/concealed in my trunk. I have to wonder how much different this is than loaded gun in armrest/console in locked car. Really it all depends on location. As always your advice appreciated.


  2. Mas Ayoob

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    Like you, I don't much care for the idea of leaving firearms in unattended motor vehicles...but, also like you, I recognize there are times when we all have to do it.

    Jack, it looks like you've put a lot of good, hard thought into this, and you've come up with a system that works for you. I honestly can't find anything in your plan to criticize.


  3. Mas,

    Thanks for quick and informative response.

    I did give consideration to putting my BUG in compartment when driving and then holstering when I got out of car and putting back in compartment when return to car. Big hassle. And not easy to do with side pants pocket holster,esp with car in motion. And as you pointed out in other thread don't want people seeing you move gun around, when you are parked. Other option of parking first in remote part of parking lot to move gun around could draw attention. One grocery store I frequent about once a week, when going home from the range. No reason for anyone to notice old guy in Taurus, unless you did something strange like repeated parked in corner of lot and then move to closer spot.

    And to me not being noticed is a large part of carrying without problems. So while a third gun may seem excessive on first examination the more I think about it the more logical it becomes.

    So what is your recommendation in regard to revolver vs. semi auto for dedicated car gun? If I chose semi auto it will be of SA/DA variety.

    Thanks again,

  4. Mas Ayoob

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    Your points on the revolver's advantages were well taken. Any auto carried loaded in a car (assuming round in chamber) remember to be sure it is "drop-safe." Enormous impact of a car crash can cause inertia fire with an unsecured firing pin.

    Other than that, it's individual preference. You made the good point earlier of disabling the gun when you have to leave it in the car by removing the mag and taking it with you if it has the disconnector safety feature, but that brings you back to the situation of passersby observing, "look, that man is messing with a gun in his front seat!" Your call, bro.


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