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  1. DJ Niner


    Hey folks, if you have other websites that deal with AK stuff, post it below so other AK fans can see/use it. No commercial (sales-only or primarily sales) sites st this time, please.

    This will be a one-stop resource for AK stuff for all the Kalashnikov Klub members, and it will help keep the main discussion area clean of extra threads. Remember GTs rules; no links to porn or porn-sponsored sites.


    AK Web Resources


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  3. SJRTX

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    A good one!:cool:

  4. DJ Niner


    Added! Thanks!
  5. TammiJ

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  6. DJ Niner


    I'll try to go through these eventually and check them out.

    Thanks for the input!
  7. DaGroaner

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    Great stuff on the Izhmash Saiga AK shotguns and other AKs as well. It's loaded with pistol grip conversion info and plenty of other info too. They have an excellent forum frequented by professional builders and accessory manufacturers who are very helpful and willing to give free advice. I don't think there is a better AK site on the internet inspite of the fact that this one focuses mainly on the smoothbores.

    No smartass snobs that have forgotten more than you could ever possibly hope to learn, just nice helpful people that share a love for everything Kalashnikov.
  8. Marauder.45

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    Which one of these, if any, have VEPR stuff. Railed Forends and Replacment grips. Stock and Grip assembly must be NJ legal.
  9. bluelineman

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  10. -

    This list has LOTS of links for AK Builders :

    I set up this site because

    a) I kept losing all my AK links when my computer crashes
    b) I had a free domain I wasn't using :)

    This way I don't lose them and maybe someone else will find them useful. No ads. Money for this is just out of my pocket.

    What I would like is if anyone has ANY AK links related to builders to PM me or email me at the email address on the links page. I added most of the links above when I first
    got here.

    Anyways, very glad to have found this place - who would of thought a Glock place would have so many AK guys :)
  11. recon

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    Outstanding post! Great info there also! Do you mind if I post this on other AK sites?

  12. Hey, thanks.

    Sure, be my guest. I know for myself it has been frustrating because there seems to be a lot of great AK info out there, but it's scattered all over the place. I'm going to try to add more links as time goes on - seems like I find a couple of good new links every time I look. Like I said, if any of you know of some sites you think are good and I missed them, don't hesitate to PM me or email me.

  13. DJ Niner


    Some great, informative AK threads right here on Glock Talk by GT user CarlosC. Thanks for the time and effort you put into these threads!

    CarlosC's guide to sights and tools:

    CarlosC's AK tip: FCG pins & shepherd's crook

    CarlosC's AK tip: FSA removal

    CarlosC's AK tip: Receiver cover installation

    CarlosC's AK tip: Loose magazines in the mag well

    CarlosC's AK tip: STG2000 handguards

    CarlosC's AK tip: Bolt carrier installation

    CarlosC's guide to bayonets and mounts

    CarlosC's AK magazine identification guide

    CarlosC's The Different Types of AKs:

    CarlosC's Chinese AKs:

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