Requesting review of X-concealment "C" holster - G.2 version

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by DannyII, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. I love my cheap Glock S/C holster for OWB, but would really like it to do 2 things it doesn't: 1.) Fully cover the muzzle end of the slide, and 2.) have a sweatguard. But, at 5 times the price of a Glock S/C, I wonder is the G.2 "C" holster really worth it?

    Here's the link to the site:

    Anyone have this updated version of their "C" holster, and would care to review it with pics of the thing actually being worn? This G.2 "C" holster seems like it would do both of those things that the S/C doesn't. More/better info and pictures would help me decide if it carries and conceals any better/tighter than the Glock S/C.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Well if you don't mind a short wait, I'll do it for you. I just ordered one this morning, so I can give you my initial impressions and some images once I receive it.

  3. I don't mind at all! Thanks!
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    Subscribed... definitely interested in a review. It doesn't appear that it will ride as high as the Glock S/C, which is perhaps the S/C's best feature, short of its price.
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  5. Yeah it looks like it is going to be a nice holster. I've been waiting on my new G19 to come in before I ordered the holster so once I got the word that my pistol will be in tomorrow, I got my holster ordered!
  6. I've had one for several months now. I have carried with it many times. I have the G27 version and it retains the gun well and is comfy as well as close to the body. I have been carrying my G19 the most recently due to my ability to utilize cover garment.
  7. Just got mine yesterday and did some real quick pictures for you. The camera sucks and trying some of the shots and holding the camera were a pain, sorry.

    My stats if it helps...5'9" 140lbs. Pants are 31 in the waist. Beltman belt is 1.5". I only do OWB.

    Holster stats are: Black, right handed, 1.25" loops (I order small and dremel them). Waits 32, combat (short) sweat guard, 8 degree cant and no engraving.



    The holster is for a G32, waiting on a Gen 4 G32 from my LGS, but since my G33 fits fine I'm running the holster with that for now.

    I've been using X-Concealment's earlier version for my 33 and 31 and this version is nice upgrade. I like the cant better and they use your waist size to mold the holster. Their original fit just fine and was comfortable all day but their new version is huge improvement for me.

    I'm impressed with the changes of the Gen 2, more than I thought I'd be and would recommend you try one if you're interested.

    Ordering process was standard, shipped quick and I've no complaints.
  8. Thanks a lot for the review, and the pics!

    It looks like it would do what I want it to, as I stated in my post above. My only concern - Did you have your belt loosened in the t-shirt pics, or does the stiffness of the holster cause your belt to bump out like that?

    If you have both, how does it compare to the Glock sport/combat for holding the gun close to the body?

    Again, thanks a bunch!
  9. I had the belt loose between tucking the shirts in and out. Sorry, I don't have a glock holster. Never got around to picking one up.

    When I'm wearing the belt normal it isn't as pronounced but with gun and holster on it won't sit like it would without them on it. Still fits snug against me and doesn't move or shift around.
  10. Thanks, again.
  11. I just received mine a few days ago and while I can't add much that hasn't already been said, I will say that I'm very happy with it so far and I would have no misgivings about recommending one. I'll do a proper review after I've had some time to really get some carry time in.
  12. I don't think anything beats the Glock Sport holster for OWB. I love mine
  13. I have one for a Glock 19 which has become my favorite OWB holster for it. Can't wait for them to make their "C" Model in 1911 as they do their other holster. Great CS too.:thumbsup:
  14. I ordered a Generation2 "C" Series Compact Concealment Holsters from X-Concealment for my Gen4 19 a few weeks ago on a Thursday. It arrived the next Monday or Tues. After trying it on that night it felt a little wide for the 3 o'clock position. I sent X an email asking if I needed a different waist size holster, I ordered a 36" holster and I wear a 36" waist pant.

    X-Concealment sent a reply email within a few hours stating that I just needed a small adjustment to bring the wings in a little. I mailed it back the next day. It returned to me within five business days adjusted and fits perfect. I use the holster along with a Wilderness Tactical Instructor Belt 1.5" with added 5 stitch vertical stiffness. The combo is very comfortable and conceals very well. There is no sag at all and the holster with the 19 sits tall and tight all day long.

    I am very happy with this belt/holster combo and very satisfied with the service from X-Concealment.
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    Did the guy in the pictures break in and steal from Seinfeld's closet?
  16. I don't doubt that it must be a great holster, but it's just too expensive for me!
    I can find a lot of great options for a lot more less.

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