replacement kits for para ord mags

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by st. matthew, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. st. matthew

    st. matthew c_w@_u_need_2_c

    sirs, what would you recommend?
    i'm planning to get arredondo followers and base pads, and wolff springs.ok ba ang arredondo?

    salamats :)

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  2. arredondo followers, ismi springs, tony pascual basepads ang set up ng para-ord mags ko

  3. DocEC,

    if you don't mind, saan mo nabili arredondo followers mo and springs? sorry for the off topic reply. TIA.
  4. arredondo followers meron kay laiza and at true weight.

    yung ismi springs, galing sa US
  5. st. matthew

    st. matthew c_w@_u_need_2_c

    guys,puede ba yung arredondo followers for para ord sa mecgar? or are they entirely different.
    Doc is laiza a shop, saan ito?
  6. pwede yun. si laiza nagbebenta ng gma gamit sa venue ng mga ipsc matches. you can also buy at their house but i don't have her new address with me now.
  7. st. matthew

    st. matthew c_w@_u_need_2_c

    thanks Doc
  8. If you can bring the mecgar tube para ma-fit sa followers the better. Merong mga old tubes na masikip sa Para/arredondo followers or pwedeng out-of-spec din.

    Kahit yung isang tube ko na pang 40, masikip kung gagamitan ko ng 38super na follower. But if you're handy, face towel and screwdriver lang kelangan mo. ;);f
  9. st. matthew

    st. matthew c_w@_u_need_2_c

    yung face towel alam ko saan ginagamit yung screwdriver hindi;f
    will ask for your help pag nagkaproblema ;J

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