Replaced my Gen 4 trigger with a Gen 3...WOW!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by M&P Shooter, May 21, 2013.

  1. M&P Shooter

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    I had a Gen 3 serrated trigger laying around I changed on my G23 to a smooth and decided to give the Gen 3 trigger & bar a try in my Gen 4 G22. I originally did a full trigger polish, 3.5lb Lonewolf trigger connector and 6lb Wolf trigger spring and wasn't totally happy with feel. I Google searched the topic and found many people have switched out bar for a Gen 3 so I did and it made a world of difference, it feels great now:supergrin:

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  3. If an OEM Gen 3 trigger bar impressed you try a Vanek trigger.

  4. What specifically is the difference in the trigger bar????? Why is the 3 better than the 4???
  5. Woop there it is. Plan on picking up some new vanek kits for my new gen4 as I like them n my gen3 feels great but didn't spring for any lightnen striker option. Does his lightened striker make it that much better? Worth the cost?

  6. The lighter firing pin is a good idea if you plan on using a 4# firing pin spring (range pistol) which is not advised on a carry pistol due to the possibility of light strikes. If you are staying with the OEM firing pin spring I would also stay with the OEM Firing pin.
  7. It thought the light strikers with extended tips ( vanek uses jäger?) we're supposed to prevent light strkes even with the reduced power springs? What about when using his 5.0 medium to heavy spring supplied with kit? Also, staying on topic...

    Is vanek using the gen 3 (modified) trigger bar in the gen 4 kits. Or is he using a gen 4 bar with the new angled dogleg? I heard the changed geometry of the modified vanek trigger bar can be even harder on trigger springs than usual ...... Reason for curved dogeg in gen4 trigger bars to begin with right?
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  8. I am in agreement with your first paragraph. Vanek uses the Gen 4 trigger bar for Gen 4 pistols. The Gen 4 trigger bars are improved and have less chance of breaking a trigger spring. Vanek advises you to use the OEM trigger spring with his triggers. The medium spring supplied by Vanek works well with the OEM firing pin and the light spring works well with the lightweight firing pin on all but the hardest primers.
  9. The Gen 4 trigger bar has an additional "bump" that makes contact (drag) against the slide.

    This "bump" not only increases the trigger pull weight, but the friction against the slide may lead to other malfunctions...
    e.g., stovepipes, weak ejection.
  10. If you say so....

  11. Not an issue in the many dozens I have worked on.
  12. I thought the Gen 3 trigger bars were updated to prevent the spring breakage? So that would mean the only difference is the added bump on the Gen 4 is this not correct?
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  13. new gen3 trigger bars have a curved dog leg too???
  14. Newer ones yes.
  15. Yeahhhhhh that's it, :rofl:, Don't forget the G21 gen 3 have always had the "bump"
  16. This is confusing to me. I purchased an NIB G38 about 3 years ago. It was a Gen 3, yet still had this "bump".

    I eventually turned my G38 into a G23 (slide swap). I ended up sending my G23 to Glock for a frame swap just a couple of months ago (I had mod's done that I didn't like), and when it left me, it had the trigger bar with the "bump", upon receiving my G23 back from Glock, I learned that the lower that came back to me had a trigger bar with no "bump" (still Gen 3). All Gen 3, what gives?
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  17. Glock 45's have the Bump. The purpose of it is reduce the amount of flex in the trigger bar and the 45's already had more space in the slide area thus why they already had it. All I do with the bump is just polish it a little more than the rest of the trigger bar. I have both gen 3 and gen 4 Glocks, the very small difference btw the two triggers has to do with the slight angle change the trigger bar has on the connector. The Gen 4 is slightly crisper than gen3 due to the "bump". This is what I have read can agree with.
  18. M&P Shooter

    M&P Shooter Metal Member

    I'm not impressed with the Gen 3 trigger bar, I'm impressed with the improvement the Gen 3 trigger bar has in the Gen 4 Glock. I installed a 3.5lb LW connector, 6lb Wolf trigger spring and did a full polish and thought why does it feel like crap still. I Googled Gen 4 triggers and read about the problem the bump has and installed a old polished Gen 3 bar I had laying around, big difference:supergrin:
  19. I believe all Glock large frame Gen3s have always had the 'bump' - and the reason for it is to keep the raised edge of the trigger bar centered under the FP safety (reliably). It is generally considered that the Gen4 bump adds 1/2 lb to the trigger pull; ergo, the dot (.) connector in later Gen4s.

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