Remington R51 - extremely disappointed

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by bac1023, Mar 15, 2014.

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  1. I handled one last night. I was going to buy one before that.

    You would think Remington would have introduced a pistol that was a bit more polished. I was really put off. The extremely gritty, cheap trigger and the loud "clicky" grip safety were bad enough, but the fact that it feels like there's coarse sand paper between the slide and frame was the deal breaker for me.

    Even if it cost a little more, I think Remington should have put a little more work into this. The gun feels very unfinished and rushed. :dunno:

    The original 51 from 100+ years ago was a very well built pistol. This gun is an insult to the name, in my opinion. What a piece of junk. To think some people actually spent over $700 for the first couple on Gunbroker makes me cringe. :shocked:

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  3. Wow...appreciate the feedback, Brian. I was actually looking forward to checking one out in person. Haven't seen one locally yet, but I'll be sure to check fit/finish on it.

  4. Sounds good, Mike

    They have not gotten great reviews, but maybe the one I handled was worse than most...
  5. I'm disappointed to hear this. I was so looking forward to possibly getting one. tom. :crying:
  6. Well that stinks.

    Just this morning, at the gun store, we were talking about the R51.
    I said I'd probably want the first one.

    Since I got the first (and only) G42 they got, maybe I'll give someone else the "honor" of getting the first R51.:upeyes:
  7. Maybe it will perform well for you, M2 :dunno:

    I think you'll share my opinion when you see it though...
  8. Lt. Donn

    Lt. Donn PSO Survivor

    Let's hope for two things:
    1. that Remington has someone reading these posts
    2. That it was an "early" production model
  9. I handled one this week and agree with everything Bac said. The action was very rough and made all kind of sounds while racking the slide. It kind of felt like the hitches in a Mini 14 action. Not for me.

  10. Rizzo

    Rizzo Garbage Day!

    Maybe that's why it only costs ~$400? If it were more properly polished and smoothed out, I'm sure it would cost more.
  11. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil
    Platinum Member

    I hope the get these problems fixed, as it's otherwise very appealing.
  12. Thanks for the initial impressions, when some of the initials reviews were harsh there was a lot of backlash but now since they started selling to the public and it looks like we have everything from won't cycle 115g , biting your shooting hand, and now bad workmanship, i'm glad I got my shield

    my S&W Shield doesn't sound like that
  13. Guess I'll wait for generation 2 and see how it is.
  14. RonS

    Millennium Member

    Sad to hear, I was looking forward to trying one out, I think it would be a great size for my wife, being a metal frame and all.
  15. DonD

    Well, that’s a bummer. When a new gun gets such a thumbs down from Bac, I’m unlikely to show much interest in the gun. I’m not in need of something new but like all gun enthusiasts, need has little to do with it! :supergrin: Don
  16. Bummer. I was looking forward to getting one. I've been hearing some bad news on it though. I'll probably have to pass.
  17. It certainly would cost a little more, but it would be well worth it. In my opinion, there's no way a new pistol from Remington should be that rough, regardless of cost.
  18. what a bummer, I was hoping to hear good things about this gun. what are your plans for this piece. are you going to try cleaning it up? maybe a little elbow grease and polish? let us know how it turns out:cool:
  19. Sorry to be sour grapes, guys. :wavey:

    When I saw it in the case I was actually going to buy it and for once in my life, be one of the first to own a new to the market pistol. Then I handled it and all bets were off...

    If it performed well, I imagine the roughness could be tolerated for the price. However, the reviews by people who actually fired the gun don't seem to be too good so far.
  20. I didn't buy it, my friend. :)

    After reading some reviews from those who have, I'm glad I didn't.
  21. The way I read his post I do not think Brian got one. I would like to handle one at some point but his review moved it far down on my list.

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