Remington 230 grain JHP duds

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Jason400, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. I have recently purchased two 100 round boxes of Remington 45acp 230 grain jhp. I put 50 rounds through my Glock 30 and out of those 50, 4 were duds. Another 3 or 4 times I experience ftrtb. I then shot 100 rounds of winchester white box and had 0 problems. Anyone else have a similar experience with Remington ammo?

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  3. barth

    barth six barrels

    Holly Smokes?
    Are we are talking primers that don't fire?
    Is your Glock Factory stock? No light springs?

    I had light springs in a S&W 357 revolver and had issues with Remington Golden Sabers and nothing else.
    Speer, Winchester, Hornaday, Double Tap - all fine.
    The Remingtons seemed to have hard primers.
    Put an extra power hammer spring in and problem solved.

    I Pretty much only run Speer GDHP and Winchester Ranger Ts in my auto loaders.

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  4. Yes primers that don't fire. And my glock 30 is stock, no modifications.
  5. How new is your Glock 30? If Glock 30 is not new and other ammo had been 100% reliable, I'd scratch that ammo off as SD ammo.
  6. The Glock is about a year old and I have put about 700 rounds through it. SD ammo? I have contacted Remington and they want me to ship it back to them for evaluation. I am sending the remaining 50 of one box and the other unopened box back to them.
  7. barth

    barth six barrels

    WOW this stinks on ice.
    Sounds like a defective batch of ammo?
    I'd send the remainder back to Remington too.
    A recall may be in order - it happens.

    Might want to try more from a different batch?
    Maybe go with an alternate weight 185?.

    Last resort - I use 230 gr Winchester Ranger Ts.
    But I too want my guns to run on anything
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  8. I use ranger T's for ccw and home defense. I just got these at a good price at Walmart. Just target ammo.
  9. Good, when I said SD, I mean't self defense, but I'm glad you have alternative carry ammo, Ranger's are good as you know. Hopefully Remington makes it right. Definitely sounds like bad primers, as others have already stated (I know, it's the obvious).
  10. Sorry I figured out what SD was after I posted the message. Yeah I carry ranger T's at times and federal hydrashocks other times. Both have proven to work well in my glock 30 as that is my primary ccw. I will be ordering a 21 gen 4 next week. With a light on it that will be my primary night stand gun. I will run some of both through that gun when I get it.
  11. I have had some Win. & Win. Ranger with the same problem. Win. is closing the factory and moving to to the state of MS. Rem. moved to Arkansas years ago. I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Pay peanuts & you get monkeys. :whistling:

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