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  1. My point is that it doesn't matter who won the election, the outcome (on gun control) would have been the same.
    And again, gun control is not up to the president.

    But why is it that conservatives feel the need to insult rather than have intelligent conversations? I listen to a lot of conservative talk shows, and it's almost like a contest to see who can disrespect other points of view the most.

    There was a time when even if a person didn't like the president, he would show some measure of respect for the office. Also, people would show some respect for the majority of people who voted for the president.
    It seems like now that we have people like Rush and Sean, all people know how to do is whine about, insult, and berate people they don't agree with.

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    Again you prove my point about rectal visual impairment. It absolutely does make a difference. I doubt very seriously that Romney would be PUSHING for gun control. That is arguable and we’ll never know because he's not president. He said it was a “states right” issue and not up the federal government. Right or wrong I believe him.

    Why is that liberals can't have an intelligent conversation period. When presented with facts they rely on emotion and ignore the facts. Need an example? Reread the first paragraph of this reply. Doesn’t matter how many times or in how many ways it's said it just doesn't sink in does it? Hence the “rectal visual impaired” statement. If the shoe fits.

    Oh, I respect the office. I just have no respect for Barry or the MORONS that voted for him. There was a time when the men in the White House weren’t narcissistic, fascist, anti American POS. I don’t respect him as a man and sure as hell have no respect for him in any office. A Russian writer said it best. Paraphrasing: The Obomination isn’t the problem. It’s the MORONS that elicited him that are the problem.

    So when the liberals whine it’s OK, but when conservatives present facts it’s whining. Yep! You fit perfectly into rectal visually impaired. Just remember, it’s all Bushes fault. But your mesa isn’t whining about Bush being the reason why the economy is so screwed up. Four year going on five and it's still Bushes fault and he's not whining. :rofl:
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  3. So it's all Obamas fault that the entire world economy is faltering? Kind of hard to fix our economy, when it is tied in with the rest of the planet, on top of that we have 2 wars going on.
    Maybe giving tax breaks to the upper 1% and increasing taxes on the poor would fix that?
    I'm glad you believe everything that came out of Romneys mouth, because he never changed his position on anything, right?:rofl:
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    Again "recital visual impairment" strikes. The Canadian economy is doing just fine. Out of the mouths of the Canadians. The Japanese economy (after the worst Tsunami in centuries) is doing just fine. Out of the mouths of the Japanese. I could go on and on. SpringerTGO, you are suffering Recital Visual Impairment. Now would you like to get back to the subject at hand. That would be how The Obomination's disciples... "YOU"... said he WOULD NEVER PUSH FOR GUN CONTROL. "With President Barack Obama pushing for a ban on semi-automatic rifles"....

    SpringerTGO = [​IMG] :rofl:

    Dawolf, thanks for going me one better. I like! :supergrin:
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  5. My pleasure. I would never have said that Romney was my 1st choice, but B.O. would not be a last choice. Instead no choice. So it was easy to vote for Mitt. SpringTGO saying lower taxes on 1% and raise it on the poor? The poor don't pay the IRS squat. But if you at the layoffs and closures thanks to Obamacare, you find the tax on the middle class and below. I talked to a Doc friend of mine who told the Feds are squeezing, and have people denying treatments. These are not docs evaluating insurance claims. They B.O.'s bean counters.
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    It's amazing the amount of "reality" the Rectal Visual Impaired (hereto-for known as RVI) miss.
  7. Jerry

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