Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by Dawolf, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Heard what B.O. said about gun control today in Minnesota and was reminded of some pre-election posts on Glock Talk. There was serious Romney bashing going on. Some argued that Obama had made no moves for gun control in the 1st term (those posters obviously forgot about Fast and Furious). So they assumed the next 4 years would be the same. If you posted these type of ideas, what do you think now?:nutcheck:

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  3. I think there is a whole lot of CROW Eating going on out there ! SJ 40

  4. Jerry

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    They have been awfully quite haven't they. :whistling:
  5. RussP


    Very quiet...
  6. QNman

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  7. If anybody was foolish enough to think Obama wasn't going to make a gun grab I hopes they learned their lesson. The man is a coward and wasn't about to ruin his reelection chances prior so he was He was just biding his time. I knew upon reelection he was going to use the first high profile shooting to show his true colors.

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  8. QNman

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    Somehow, "I told you so" isn't making me feel any better...
  9. Copy that, but at least there are less trolls wandering around the forums, maybe?
  10. Jerry

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    They didn't learn who he was before the first election. They didn't learn who he was during his first four years in office. Somehow I doubt this will teach them anything either. When one suffers from rectal visual impairment there usually isn't much hope.
  11. ^^^ like!
  12. Manco

    They are getting what they wanted. Free food, housing, and medical care are the things that matters to the low contributing voters. No sympathy at all for them.
  13. jeanderson

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    This is exactly what I predicted. When the first opportunity presented itself (mass shooting), Obama would go after our guns. Only took a month after the election.
  14. Romney signed off on an assault weapons ban while governor of Mass.
    Does anyone here really doubt he wouldn't sign off on a ban if he was elected and a bill was put in front of him???
  15. Jerry

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    No! But we all ADMITTED he probably would sign something if congress sent it to him. We just believe he would NOT push for any and congress WOULD NOT send any to him. Remember? The CLUELESS Obominites INSISTED he WOULD NOT PUSH FOR GUN CONTROL since he hadn't in his first term. Remember? Rectal visual impairment seems to be an incurable ailment.
  16. In Mass a very liberal state, yes he did sign a ban, but explained it in detail in the American Rifleman interview. For all 50 states, no way would he sign a ban. It would doom any chance of re-election, period, end of story.
  17. I can only judge what Romney would do by his past actions, not by what I would like to think or my feelings about Obama.
    Not only does Romney have a history of signing anti gun legislation, he has a history of changing his opinion on everything depending on how the media portrays an issue.
    I don't think it would have mattered who got elected. There was a mass killing, the media got hold of it, and the politicians are doing what politicians do.

    As to Obama's call for gun control, that's what is expected of him by the media. He's a politician. He knows he can't do a thing unless a bill is passed.
  18. You can't fix stupid....

  19. Jerry

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    This isn't about Romny. He's not presedent and he isn't pushing for gun control. The Obomination IS president and IS is pushing for gun control. His followers insisted he wouldn't. Romney has no bearing on what they said or what The Obomination is doing. Recital visual impairment just won't allow you to understand that though. :upeyes:
  20. QNman

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    Yes... he would not during his first term for the very same reason Barry ignored it in his first term. :okie:

    Delude and excuse yourself all you like. If you voted for Obama... you voted for this.
  21. Jerry

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    The Obomination WON'T PUSH gun control.

    But Romney voted for gun control when he was governor.


    Some people just can't see the difference. :whistling:
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