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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by CaptainXL, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I usually use Federal SPP primers or when I can get them I use CCI SPP primers. Powder Valley does not have either of them in stock.

    I have heard a number of people say that they also liked Tula Primers, which also seem to be out of stock @ PV.

    PV does have Rem and Win SPP's. I assume that some of you have used Rem or Win SPP's. Need some feedback on them. Any problems? Like or dislikes about them?

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  3. Any are really fine. The only issue I have seen w/ RP primers in the past is they seem to be a tiny bit smaller dia. So I reserve them for cases w/ tight primer pockets.

  4. My box of Rem. SPP say that they can't be used in 40 S&W, and even in 9mm I've had a couple that pierced. I switched to Win. and haven't had any problems.
  5. gwalchmai

    gwalchmai Lucky Member

    I've used thousands of Win and Tula/Wolf and they seem about the same to me. They're a little harder that Feds so I get an occasional FTF when shooting DA on my 625 which has a pretty light spring. However, this may be more my fault for not gorilla-arming them during the seating stage cause they always pop if I hit them again. If you are careful about seating they're fine.

    ETA: you're asking about SPPs. I've had similar luck with them.
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  6. I have heard this, but only have exp with the large rifle & pistol in RP.
  7. Placed my first order with PV yesterday and include 1K of Win SPP's in the order. Didn't want to order more than 1K of the Win primers until I actually try them.

    Bought a total of 8 lbs of powder (4lbs each of 2 different powders) and 1K primers. Including the HazMat fee & shipping, as near as I can figure, I saved 45% compared to driving 50 each way to Cabelas, IL sales tax and buying in 1 lb containers.

    It goes without saying that I won't be going to Cabelas for powder & primers any longer.
  8. The only advantage in buying small quantities and local is cash flow. Those Powder Valley orders can get out of hand pretty quick.

    I hope the 'out-of-stock' condition on certain primers goes away. I would hate to think we're seeing the usual pre-election shortages.


  9. Yea my Rem 11/2 primers say that about .40, .357sig, and .357mag but not about 9mm. Either way I have loaded k's in 9mm and .40 with no problems. They were upper mid range loads not max sd loads though. :dunno:
  10. If I gave the impression that they weren't to be used in 9mm I apologize. I only meant I had loads in 9mm with Rem. SPP that pierced.
  11. PV is a evil site, I went on for some primers, they had TULA for about 1/2 price of the rest. Next thing I know I had a order for 15k primers .
    As for the primers I have used win tula and remington with no issues. Haven't used CCI .
  12. PV rocks!! I placed an order on Monday and it was delivered on Thursday.

    Got 1K of Win SPP's in the order to try them but have not as yet loaded anything with them. Because of replies to my post by others I do not anticipate that there will be any problems.

    Thanks to all for your input.

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