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Rem 760/7600 questions

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Aceman, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Aceman


    Nov 30, 2008
    #1 Came across a used one and the slide felt...slow, thick, heavy...The point is it did not move anywhere near as sporty as my old 760. Thoughts?

    #2 See through sights; As in scope rings you can look through, scope sits on top. You can use the rifle sights with them. Anyone ever used these? How do they work? poor, fair, good, excellent???

    #3 What about a lower scope with a red dot for up close work (like on a hog)

    #4 I am waffling on caliber again...
    - .308; Great except not available when military panic (or actual military) sets
    - .30-06; classic, but not compatible with mil style semi's (not that I have one in .308)
    - .270 More than enough for anything here...yet not .308 or 30-06 sporty.

    Let's talk about this!
  2. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Mar 14, 2005
    The see through scope mounts have been around a long time and are quite handy for certain situations. A .30-30 levergun with see throughs and a 4x scope gives you a quick handling brush gun and 100+ yd range sitting on stand. Hard to beat that.

    As far as caliber goes the .270 is great. Ammo available at any Walmart, mom and pop outdoors shop, and major chain anywhere in the country. Lots of ammo choices, affordable, and flat shooting.

    As far as the action goes its probably just needs a good cleaning.

    You are generally safe buying used hunting rifles as long as they look to be in good shape. Hard to imagine a hunting rifle that has more than a few hundred rounds shot through it, and most are probably well below 100. My .270 gets 10-15 rds pre-season practice and sight in check then maybe 1-3 rounds additional fired at deer per year. Alot of guys shoot even less than that.

  3. countrygun


    Mar 9, 2012
    I am rather "ehh" about "see-through" mounts. They usually don't allow for a cheek weld on the stock so IMO they lose some of the precision I would want a scope for in the first place. I do have a hunting rifle equipped with pivot mounts. I find them just as accurate as holding my head off the stock.

    The wife has a 70 in .270 and I have one in 30-06 and I agree that the problem is most likely need of cleaning. They are darned good hunting rifles.
  4. Aceman


    Nov 30, 2008
    Yeah - the recent ammo outage had me thinking that. might be good to go "standard" hunting cal on a couple of guns.

    And The look through issue is why I was thinking small red dot on top of the scope instead of look through. Heads up close shooting at pigs AND good weld.

    I had a 760 Carbine back once upon a time. Great deer gun for the woods. (30-06). But like I said - NEVER that hard to move. Then again, it was clean! This gun wasn't abused, but it wasn't loved either...
  5. I'd go with .308. Gonna recoil less and you are talking about finding a military style rifle as a stable mate.

    Then just buy .308 ammo whenever you find it.

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  6. Aceman


    Nov 30, 2008
    Yeah - I was thinking about adding a Mil style .308. But then reality set in...I just don't see that happening. Then Ammo panic set in...

    Don't care about recoil.
  7. As for see through mounts, I don't like them. Scopes are good enough to work in all conditions.

    If the scope breaks, being able to take it off and have usable irons is a good idea. So some sort of detachable mount makes sense to me, if you are thinking of having options.

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  8. mgs

    mgs Always Carrying Millennium Member

    Dec 21, 1998
    cogan station, pa, usa
    I'd go 30-06 and dump the rings. A swing away mount is better. Weaver use to make them. The action bars just need cleaned a bit.
  9. L Pete

    L Pete

    Mar 4, 2011
    Lose the See-thrus. They're easily knocked out of alignment, don't offer a good cheek weld, and basically look cheap. Use a good high quality base and rings, and you will be far better off.

    My vote......270 Win.
  10. mac66

    mac66 Huge Member Millennium Member

    Oct 28, 1999
    Blue Planet
    The 760 is a good rifle. Ditto on losing the rings, they are too high. Many 870 accessories (stocks etc) will fit on the 760. Definitely get the 308 or 30-06. Hunting ammo is still available in those calibers.
  11. Aceman


    Nov 30, 2008
    Thanks for the ring tip guys. It just looked like a good idea, but conceptually, I see the problem. Never used them.

    I'd actually get quick release on a rail. My official policy is ALWAYS irons, and glass/electronic crap is awesome, but MUST come off if necessary.
  12. I'd go .308 with a 1-4 or 1.5-6 power scope for a good compromise between 300 accuracy and up close and personal 4 legged bacon.

    posted using Outdoor Hub Campfire
  13. ezthumper


    Feb 20, 2013
    Had a 7400 30-06, semi-auto, with Iron sights and swing away or knock down scope. Used to pig with that, worked very well.

    I liked the .308, but for for myself, I like the availability of the wide variety of munitions. from a 55 grain accelerator to a 220 grain for big game.

    Just have to understand how the rounds act pending weight of the bullet.

    The sluggish bolt, clean, apply CPL and you should be good to go.
  14. Aceman


    Nov 30, 2008
    The "sluggish one is a .used .270

    I'd prefer the 18" 30-06 or a .308
  15. byf43

    byf43 NRA Life Member

    Apr 13, 2006
    Southern Maryland
    I've been looking at a LOT of sites and stores, at ammunition and component availability.

    One caliber that I've seen available everywhere. . . . is the .270!!

    Personally, I've never been a fan of the .270 or the .243, but, when "panic" sets in, .22lr, .223, .308 and .30-'06 seems to disappear faster than anything else.

    Just a thought. . . . .
  16. FullClip

    FullClip NRA Benefactor CLM

    My first 'new' rifle was a 760 in 30-06 and I wish I'd never sold it.

    Part of me wants to get another one in the same caliber, but common sense says a carbine version in .308.

    Yeah, a deer won't know the difference between the calibers, but the shorter .308 is enough gun where I live, and I was always against that silly .270 fad.:supergrin:

    As far as the scope, think about going with a low power, heavy duplex unit like offered by Leopold. No need for a tip off, or see-through mount if you can see the cross-hairs. In my neck of the woods, there's not much need for anything over 5 power. Or maybe a quick release base? You can pop the scope off without tools and it returns to zero (or close enough for deer hunting) and you don't have to deal with straining your neck to look through a high mounted scope.
  17. awpk03s


    Apr 1, 2007
    Saw a nice 760 at a local gunshow today. $475 with an old bushnell scope. Rear sight was removed for the visibility of the scope, and was not included. Guy wouldn't back down on price at all, so I passed. Would like to pick one of these up someday.
  18. erikofnorway


    Jan 21, 2013
    My moose hunting rifle is a 7600 slide action in 30-06 with a 1.5-4.5 scope. I removed the iron sights alltogether. It has become an extension of myself and I will never ever sell that gun.

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  19. Aceman


    Nov 30, 2008
    YEah - wish I had my old 30-06 too...ahh, the mistakes of youth!

    Personally, I don't have a problem with a 270. I agree having a .243 and a 30-06 would be better, but a .270 is not a bad "split the difference" caliber. Good for any pig or deer in FL...further than I'll shoot it!