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Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Esox357, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Any one have this in 06 caliber? Any problems with them or concerns. I saw a synthetic one at wally world for 364.00. Esox357

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  2. If that is the semi-auto Remington, then yes I used to have one in .270 but sent it back to Remington to have the 30-06 carbine barrel installed at the custom shop.

    This was a great little rifle for deer in the deep Bama woods. I kept several freezers full when I was younger.

    But I sold it to a fellow cop to buy some golf clubs of all things. I think I let it go for 300. And I ain't worth a darn at golf. Everytime I shank a shot, I wish that I had the Remington back.

    Check around. You can probably find a good used one a little cheaper.

  3. Thanks IWT, how does it function? Did it ever jam on you? Right now it is a toss up between that and a BAR. Also was accuracy good to 200 yards? Esox357
  4. onemilmhz

    onemilmhz Ten Ninety Five

    I have one in .243 and love it. It was my first hunting rifle and I will probably never give it up. It's taken many deer always functions well. I hit a doe a few years back broadside and she came straight towards my stand. It cycled so smoothly I never even noticed the second instinctive shot I put just under her neck that put her down. Mags are plentiful and cheap. Very sturdy and well built and you can find some beautiful wood on the older ones. Great rifle.

  5. f1b32oPTic

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    if its a toss up between the bar, get the bar...
  6. I have had both. Traded the Remmy and kept the BAR. Go with the BAR. Can't get a much better Semiauto for hunting IMHO. Or any that are much better looking than this one. BAR Premium
  7. MarkCO

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    I've got a 7400 30-06 carbine. Hunted with it some. It is basically my back-up gun. Goes on every big game hunt, just in case. Accurate and reliable. The BARs are a step up, but for the money, you'd be better of with one of the new Benelli semi-auto rifles. VERY nice handling and shooting semi. The Rems are very solid rifles.
  8. f1b32oPTic

    f1b32oPTic R4d104c71v3

    i think beretta's new semi auto biggame rifle looks very nice...i would buy one if i was in the market for a semi auto hunting gun
  9. Thanks again for the input, man A.F. Lineman that is one sweet looking BAR. I ended up buying an ADL bolt in 06, I wasn't able to check here on the forum in time, so I didn't want to buy something that jammed. Again I appreciate everyones input and may think about buying one down the line. Esox357
  10. Quite a difference in price!!! $1500 to $2000 msrp for the bar!!!!

    $624.00 MSRP for the 7400!!!

    Get the 7400 and spend the money you save (VS. the BAR) on a nice scope! V A L U E !!!!
  11. onemilmhz

    onemilmhz Ten Ninety Five

    You mean this;d

    Beretta Storm
  12. Mine had no reliability problems with either the .270 barrel or the shortened 06 tube. I always cleaned and cared for my firearms and it probably on received about 20 rounds between cleanings; hardly a torture test.

    Mine was accurate out to 200 yards. I had it topped with a cheap Bushnell scope and it would hold decent groups at 100 and 200. Nothing like my 700 P but accurate enough for the brush hunting that I did with it. Most of my actual hunting shots were close range and almost all were head shots at does during doe days. I never needed the second, third or fourth shot. Like I said, I kept several freezers full in my farm community (gave alot of meat away to the seniors who lived around me who were on fixed incomes).

    I fattened several of them up as they were spending more cash on medicine and living off field peas that they grew during the warmer months.

    I miss that community and all of that deep south hunting land that was at my disposal. Literally hundreds of acres that I didn't have to share with anyone.:(

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