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Rem. 700

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by EL COLONEL, Nov 19, 2009.



    Feb 1, 2006
    S.A. TEXAS
    Saw afew remington 700 ADL sythetic stock guns. Are they any good ? Are they accurate ? Are the barrles free floated ?..............Thanx everyone :wavey:
  2. DowntimeLA

    DowntimeLA in da swamp

    Nov 6, 2008
    get the sps, no free floated from factory, best bet is to budget for an HS or BC fiberglass stock w/aluminum

  3. Big Bird

    Big Bird NRA Life Member

    Aug 7, 2003
    Louisville KY
    I've had Remington's that were great out of the box and a few that were downright awful. Most were pretty average rifles and almost all of them needed some work. Especially the triggers. If you have a problem Remington's customer service sucks bad especially during hunting season...expect 2-3 month delays to get your gun fixed.

    There are a ton of aftermarket geegaws to improve the standard Remington but if you are looking for a good dependable hunting rifle you can do better for the money. Look at the Tikka T3 or the CZ line of rifles. Savage isn't bad but its like an ugly sister. Yeah...she does stuff if you take her out but you don't want to be seen with her.

    Personally, I'm a WInchester M70 man and nobody will ever convince me there's anything better than my pre-64 .270 Featherweight. But I have no experience with the new WInchester's that were resurrected last year.

    I own a Tikka and its a fine functional rifle--decent but not great accuracy.

    I own a couple of Sako's--expensive and pretty average accuracy.

    I own a Kimber 84m--GREAT rifle with respectable accuracy for a shot 6 lb rifle with scope!

    You want a great rifle you are going to pay money for it. You want an average rifle buy a Remington. Then spend a couple hundred more getting it up to snuff.
  4. steve1911


    Jul 12, 2004
    H-S precision stocks and Bell & Carlson.



    Feb 1, 2006
    S.A. TEXAS
    Thanx everyone. Anybody with any more input??................................:wavey:
  6. klt1986


    Feb 28, 2007
    Remington 700's are great rifles and my experience with them has been good. Everyone of them has functioned as designed and have been accurate. The new X Mark Pro trigger is supposed to be an improvement over the old one. However, for $25 or $30 any competent gunsmith can adjust and polish the older style trigger. The Remington's you are looking at will not be free floated from the factory.

    Here is my favorite 700 chambered in 270 Winchester, laminate stock, and a Nikon Monarch.

  7. IMHO, buy a Savage, better triggers, as good or better accuracy.
  8. klt1986


    Feb 28, 2007
    Thanks, I like it too!
  9. ditto on that and what bigbird wrote. That's why noway has his rifles built.

    btw, if you haven't figure out, I don't like remington or own one any more ;)
  10. paynter2

    paynter2 It ain't over Millennium Member

    Apr 25, 1999
    upper mid-west
    The only 700 I ever had was an ADL - probably circa 1972. I shot great. It didn't have a floor plate and I sold it. I do use and love 788 Remingtons. I have 3 of them (I think). I hunt with the .243. The 6MM Rem and 22-250 are NIB.

    I took the .243 to the range a few weeks - just before hunting season. I fired two shots. Both of them were in the 1" bull - 1/2 inch apart. That's with a 2-7X Nikon. I think it would be hard to beat that without more optics - I think that rifle will shoot with most.

    A week later I killed a buck at 240 yards with it - off-hand.

    BB - I used to have a pre-64 .270 Featherweight in .270. I never found it to be particularly accurate - not bad - just not great. There is also some discussion about the inherent accuracy (or lack there of) of the .270. I don't know what to think of that.

    My experience with Remington has been very good. But, I am only interested in the older ones. I'd like to find another ADL with cut checkering in 6MM Rem.
  11. I had a Remington 700 ADL .30-06. Put a Ramline Stock on it and a Qwik Clip conversion kit so it had a removable magazine.

    I bought it over 30 years ago with money from my paper route, but traded it off last year.

    Why did I trade it away?

    It was a nice rifle, problem was that in 30 years of ownership I never saw a single deer while carrying that rifle. Anytime I took it into the woods, nothing, nada, zip, not even a doe. I loaned the rifle out to 2 people, they shot deer with it. I shot plenty of deer in the meantime with handguns, shotguns, black powder, archery, and crossbow, but carry that rifle and couldn't see a deer.

    I even had a buddy of mine take me to a vineyard that he had permission to hunt on. He said they always see deer there, lots of doe, bring the rifle not the handgun, 150 yard shots are normal. He set me up in the best spot over looking a field where every night the deer come into the vineyard. What did I see, nothing. When we met back at the truck that night he couldn't believe I hadn't shot a deer. When I told him I had never seen a deer when carrying that rifle he said "Get rid of that F'ing thing, don't ever bring it hunting with me again."

    So I traded it away.
  12. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Jul 26, 2002
    I've never owned a remmy 700, that was not a tack driver, up to and including my present rem 700 in 7mm rem mag. It used to put 5 shots under a dime at 100yds, (with my handloads), but i fire checked the barrel one day, (through stupidity), and now the 5 shots at 100yds are under a quarter....

    There are several good brands of rifles out there to be sure..... But for me. I am settled on the remington 700, (for the last 45 odd years), and although the Ruger does not have as good a grouping, I do like my Rugers in MK 77. All in 7mm rem mag. I love the mauser type action/bolt, on the ruger.

    Good shooting



    Feb 1, 2006
    S.A. TEXAS
    Thanx everyone.................................:cool:
  14. expeditionx


    Jul 10, 2004
    The 700 is a great rifle design.