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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Nimitz, May 9, 2012.

  1. I have a friend who reloads for me and said he'll reload whatever I want if I supply the components. I want to switch from FMJ to hard cast lead to reduce my costs as I'm currently putting 700+ rds/week down range with my G34. He is charging me his cost for 124g FMJ rds at .15/rd. Some quick math by me appears that I can get it to .10/rd with 125g lead (PrecisionBullets) but I'm wondering about powder & primers.

    Can anyone who reloads 9mm 125g lead tell me if there is any real difference between WST & Solo 1000? I heard these are the powders to use when going with lead? Also, what primers are folks buying? Thx all.

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  3. What are you loading FOR ? Accurate target shooting, plinking, competition..??

  4. I only use Federal but CCI makes good primers. I don't think I would go for Tula or Wolf.

    Powder Valley has a lot of different powders and primers. You should probably do your cost comparisons based on their prices.

    If the striker spring has been changed on your G34, you may want to use Federal. Light primers strikes will often light up a Federal but not a CCI.

  5. I'm shooting USPSA pistol & 3-gun. Yes, I'm just about to change out the striker & heard Federal was probably the way to go, just wanted to be sure. Also, it appears Solo 1000 is a little cheaper than WST (~7.00) but I was wondering if one is prefered over the other. I'll be loading for minor PF ~ 130. Thx
  6. What barrel are you using?
  7. It has been suggested that to shoot lead you will need to change your barrel.
    KKM and Wolff make barrels for your handgun that will safely handle lead.
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  8. I've done a ton of research on this and while you can ceratinly do that it is not required by any means. I know of a couple of folks who have shoot over 15,000+ rds of lead thru stock barrels with no issue ... you just need to be cleaning your barrel on a regular basis ... mine gets bore snaked after every use & then field stripped after every 1,000 rds
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    I prefer and use WST as its super consistent in comparison to Solo1K IMO and experience. Either powder you use... I would recommend you bump your fudge factor up to 135 PF minimum. You'll still be subsonic at 1088 fps and it will give you a little more accuracy.
  10. I run 4.7 wst with a 125gr BC moly. gets me 135pf out of my stock g34 barrel. lots of people like solo 1k, but from my experience and what I have read, the lot to lot variation is big. I am on my second 8# of WST, both different lots and have found 0 difference in them.
  11. thx guys! I'm about to head over to a local dealer who has WST so I'm going to buy 1lb to use to test out & come up with the preffered load ... which will also give me a chance to evaluate the round to be sure I want to stick with lead. At that point I'll be buying the large quantities of buillets, Federal primers & 8 lb containers. I'll need to compare the difference between 6% sales tax & a slightly higher B&M price vice on-line with shipping & hazmat fees ...
  12. If you have a chrono SOLO is a great powder. You kinda have to be used to working things up and just knowing that it's OK at that PF because the load data is old and all over the place (probably the same lot to lot variation issue). I have talked with the maker several times. And basically, it's safe to make PF of about 135 or less with this powder in 9mm. That is not set in stone but that has been the jist of our conversation. I have loaded about 24 lbs of the stuff. I haven't had any issues.
  13. Yeah,i found out the hard way with the solo 1k I bought to try. none of the loads even came close to published specs. I got a slow batch. I also found that it smoked quite a bit with bare lead bullets, something that I have found does not happen as much with WST.

    I actually think that for plated or FMJ bullets it runs just fine, and that's what I did with the leftover solo 1k i had.
  14. You are a brave or foolish man shooting someone elses reloads, but your gun, your hands. I have not used Solo, heard too many stories of lot variations. WST is my powder of choice for light loads in any of the service calibers. Pretty easy to get a gtood accurate minor load or 45 acp major load w/ any bullet wt/type. Cost of powder really never plays into it for me, the cheapest part of a pistol reload. FWIW, yuo can reload FMJ for just under 11c/rd, lead for about 8c/rd. You have to shop better.
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    I've had the same experience with Solo1k its a good powder don't get me wrong.... but I just find WST more consistent lot to lot, and cleaner. The 12 pound or so I have loaded from 4 different lots all varied to make the same Pf using the same bullet and OAL.
  16. It's a great powder for lead. You just didn't push it hard enough.
  17. Fredj333: care to share your secret for FMJs that comes out to about 11 cents/rd? The best I can find is Montana Gold 9mm 124g FMJ at $317/3750. The best I could find for hard cast lead rds was PrecisionBullets at $231 for 3,500 rds? Thx
  18. BTW, my reloader is in my military unit so I already trust him with my life ...
  19. Not the same thing. Reloading is a mind numbing task that causes people to make mistakes. Just because you trust him with your life doesn't mean you want him reloading for you.
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