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  1. I'm pretty new to reloading. I'm reloading for a 10mm G29. I'm using 155gr berry's round nose bullets and cci 300 primers. The only thing is the powder I have is hodgdon clays. I haven't really found any data for how much to use in a 10mm. I'm wanting a safe load I can use just for plinking, that won't drop the shells on my hand. I heard to just take the maximum load for a .40 S&W and use that as the starting load (which I did find some data for the .40S&W)

    Also wonder if anyone has a good recipe for some lighter loads for plinking and stuff.

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  3. Clays is very fast and not a great choice for the 10mm. Spend a few bucks and get a slower powder better suited for the 10mm.

    Follow your manuals and NOT what you have heard.

    BTW, what manuals do you have?

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    Toss the clays or hand weigh (I would not use it) ... VERY, VERY slowly work up the load. Also, use an aftermarket barrel. Good Luck!
  5. Ok I was thinking I would have to do something like that. I don't actually have any manuals right now, cept for the internet.

    I am planning on using my father-in-laws Lone wolf barrel for most of the time for plinking.
  6. I've been reading around a bit and it seems like Blue Dot is pretty good all around for the 10mm....
  7. Blue Dot is certainly slow enough but the fact that it has a factory warning, even though the warning has NOTHING TO DO with 10mm, bothers me. See the Blue Dot sticky at the top of this forum. There are too many other choices to bother with this powder. However, it remains a popular powder so my opinion is irrelevant.

    You need a burn rate chart:

    You also need a loading manual (Speer #14 is good). Internet loads are always questionable and sometimes dangerous. Go for data that has been tested (and approved by lawyers).

    Try the Hodgdon site for load data (select Cartridge Loads then select Pistol loads, select Caliber and then click Get Data). You can further refine the data by selecting a powder manufacturer, bullet weight or powder type and then clicking Get Data again.

    Whatever powder you select, keep it down around WSF in burn rate and, in particular, stay away from fast powders like Titegroup even if they do show up in the results.

    Begin with the Starting Load and work up a little at a time (0.1 gr) by loading 5 of each charge weight. Personally, I stay away from max loads. For target work, a load only has to be hot enough to reliably cycle the gun.

  8. Thank you for the response. When I said the manual I had was the 'internet' I guess I didn't mention I meant the manufacturer's sites. From everyone's responses I think I'll be investing in some new power sometime soon.
    Thanks for the help everyone.
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  10. Recommened powders for 155 10mm include WW231/HP38 (same powder, different can) HS-6, Universal, Unique, AA-7, and WSF.

    If you're looking for less than maximum plinking loads, 231/HP38 and WSF are useful choices and also very good for plinking loads in 9mm, .40 S&W and 45 ACP. WW231/HP38 also works well for .38 Spl. I've used HS-6 in my G29 for plinking loads with good results in the past, although I don't remember the charge weight off the top of my head.

    Clays is NOT a good choice for what you want to do, although all my 38 & 45 match loads use Clays, so I'm hardly biased against it... just not for 10mm.
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  11. And do remember that Berry's recommends that you load to no more than mid-range jacketed. In fact, they also recommend a max velocity - you can find this at their web site.

    It's too bad you want to load such a light bullet. I wonder if Precision Delta jacketed bullets wouldn't be comparably priced.

  12. You are on the right track loading Berry's in the 40S&W range. As mentioned above, Berry's has a speed limit and it is way below a 155gr bullet's potential in 10mm.

    I favor 180gr jacketed bullets for my 10mm loads and buy Blue Dot and AA#9 in bulk for this application.

    For lighter bullets like 155gr and 165gr, when you are ready for true 10mm velocities there are a lot of really good powder options.

    I would recommend the 10mm reloading forum in the Gun Club section of GT, full of great advice, frequented by guys that love and really know the caliber.
  13. Thanks for the advice everyone. There's a lot of info here I think I definitely have a great starting place.

    on a side note: being new to this forum i must say this has got to be the most polite forum i've been on. much appreciated to everyone for being great.
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    Another Linux user who's a reloader.

    Eventually we'll outnumber the Mac'heads.. :)
  15. I knew there was someone else out there! Haha I think we'll be outnumbering them pretty soon, just keeps getting better and better.
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    Blue Dot is an excellent 10mm Auto powder, but it is not great for downloaded plinkers. It gets really dirty and does not give a good powder burn. I have recently been working with Accurate no. 5 for lighter charges of mid-weight bullets and found it to work very well in that regard.

    I have not personally used it, by WSF seems to be very suitable as well for 165 gr plated plinkers.
  17. I'm on Ubuntu myself!

    I only use windows on the rare days I have time for gaming. I prefer using an OS that actually allows my computers to work. There is a saying something like, 'computers are like air conditioners. They work fine until you open windows.'
  18. We seem a little off topic but I guess it's ok since I already got the information that I needed.
    Same here, since I haven't been doing much gaming recently I don't think I remember the last time I opened windows. The way linux is nowadays though it really doesn't leave anything to be desired('cept maybe some games), whereas windows does.. at least for me. I'd have to say Gentoo is probably my favorite, just a little too much work for everyday use, forever compiling.. So I'm generally on Ubuntu as well. :)
  19. Clays is NOT appropriate for any 10mm loads but light bunnyfart loads. Get a couple of reloading manuals & do some studying. The best results are going to be with powders on te medium to slow end of the spectrum.
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  20. Power Pistol or Longshot is a good powder for 10mm. I don't use anything other than those 2 and the occasional Blue Dot.

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