Reid pulled a fast one: they can bring it back up for debate

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by David_G17, Apr 18, 2013.

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  3. Yes... noticed it and really expected it. Now is the time to let your senators know you support them or not.

  4. Of course he did! The left will never give up! They 3+ years to get there agenda through! We have to change that in 2014 and remove King Harry from his thrown!:steamed: There are 54 known traitors to the Constitution! Remember and vote accordingly!:supergrin:
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  6. Yes, that's the way it works. But there is no need to get bent about it. Last week didn't we have a lot of hand wringing and teeth gnashing and accusation of our being "sold out" by the Republicans who forced a vote?

    It's politics folks,
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    Civil liberties victories never stay won, but must be fought for over and over again.
    -- Ira Glasser<o:p></o:p>
  8. Even if a GC bill passed the senate with 100-0 vote, it will never pass the House. It's all just smoke.
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    It's more than just "smoke". It's a vote on the record you can use to see if your rep (sen) is on the side of the constitution or not. Use that info next time you pull for a candidate for office.

    Also it's pretty stupid to only count on the last line of defense to protect your position. Stop it (any attack) as early as possible.
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    you don't just listen for the results and say "yay we won" do you? Now is the time to analyze and identify.
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    anyone thinks this is over better wise up. this is far from over.
  12. Liberals are just hoping for more dead children at some point so they re-energize the argument with fresh emotions. Liberals love using to the blood of children to push their agenda.

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  13. No, and I also don't go into a frothing frenzy when I know the outcome is a slam dunk, and Obama knew it as well.

    But let's keep everybody worked up and in panic mode so every gun store in the US will be sold out of ammo for another four years.

  14. Its politics. The fact that the bill died in the Democratic controlled Senate is far better than having it get killed in the House and allowing Dem's to use this in 2014 mid-terms.

    As mentioned before, make sure to thank your supporting Senators and blast the ones against. Keep the pressure on.
  15. The truest thing ever written on GlockTalk. Liberals do love dead children to push whatever agenda they have. Particularly the anti-gun agenda.
  16. Assuming we keep the house.

    The real fight started the other day.

    We have to regain the Senate & increase the lead in the House.

    Status Quo will not work.
  17. You think "liberals" were the first ones to use the sympathy effect of shooting victims to help ram through gun control?

    You could not be more wrong, but the "conservative" historical record has conveniently erased the true account of how the most restrictive gun control legislation ever passed at the federal level came into being.
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  18. By definition, the status quo:

    worked JUST FINE. Even with the political wind of sandyhook blowing behind the gun control sails, it was shut down cold. It could not even get up for a vote in the senate. It would have also failed badly in the House.

    Everybody needs to get their thumb OFF THE PANIC BUTTON AND RELAX. There is exactly zero chance of any new significant federal gun control getting passed and Obama and Feinstein know it. They don't like it, but they know it.
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  19. IMO this is correct.

    It is time for us now to do something that we have only done "accidentally" in the past. We can capitalize on the situation by combing our hair, straightening our ties and getting back to "normal" in the eyes of the "undecided" "middle of the road", "fence sitting" public.

    Show them we have defended our rights and now want to go back to our safe legal hobby, interest, way of life without the hoopla and continuing rhetoric. this time however we should be more visible, but subtly. We don't need more stupid shows on cable we need more people inviting new shooters or non-shooters to the range with them, we need to "mainstream" gun ownership and make folks wonder "what was the big deal about it in the first place?".

    Time to "unpoliticize" and time to "normalize"

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