Registering a short barrel rifle.

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by Trey83, May 23, 2012.

  1. I am thinking about building my second rifle as an SBR. What is the process for getting the receiver registered?

    Also if I get the lower receiver registered as an SBR, is there any reason I couldn't put a rifle length 16+ inch barrel on it later. Sorry for the noobish questions but I'm not familiar with NFA regulations. Thanks in advance.

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  3. To "build" an SBR off of an existing receiver, you will need to submit a Form 1 package.

    Short form, version A (CLEO signature): Two copies of the ATF form 1, signed by your local sheriff with a passport photo of YOU attached to each copy.

    Two completed ATF fingerprint cards.

    One completed and signed Certification of Compliance.

    One check for $200.

    Mail off, wait approximately 6 months.

    Version B (Trust): Have a living trust drawn up by a lawyer (some people go the cheap route, I do NOT SUGGEST using online services, etc. Consult a lawyer, cover your ass)

    Two copies of the Form 1, with trust paperwork attached - no photos, no CLEO signature, no photos.

    One CoC, as above.

    One $200 check.

    Mail in, wait approx. 6 months, mildly annoy ATF in process.

    Once the paperwork is approved and sent back, you can build your SBR.

    Last I heard, the DoJ was in final stages of removing the CLEO signature requirements, and the ATF would in stead simply notify your local sheriff of the paperwork submitted. Trusts have caused some headache for the ATF, and may be partially to blame for the extended wait times, as the ATF is now paying closer attention to the trust paperwork being submitted - hence why I suggest consulting with a lawyer.

    Once paperwork is approved, you can use any non-NFA upper you want. If you want to *temporarily* change barrel/overall length with a different, NFA-length upper, you can do so. Permanent changes must be reported to the ATF, but adding the info for any secondary uppers that may be on it is a wise idea.

    Other "gotchas" - don't submit a Form 1 with multiple barrel lengths, calibers, or overall lengths. The inspector that signed my F1 told me that some inspectors get annoyed by that, and they may wait on your form. You can always file an amendment letter (1-2 weeks processing time) later on to add or change any configuration info.

    Double check your paperwork before mailing it. Some inspectors will call you if something is goofed (as mine did), and some will reject your paperwork entirely. Expect several months to get your money back in that case.

    Once approved, you must notify the ATF IN WRITING any time you change address, or before taking your new weapon across state lines for any reason. You can file the interstate travel form for up to 365 days at a time for multiple trips. In-state trips require no paperwork.

    If you get multiple NFA-uppers, make sure you have a legal home for each upper at all times - either a pistol lower or a second NFA upper - unless you don't have a non-NFA/pistol AR around. It's probably never going to be a problem, but it's a way to cover your ass.

  4. Thanks Plank. That is a big help.

    So what exactly is engraved on the receiver? Full name, city and state?
  5. Depends. If it's done as an individual, then it's name (as on Form 1), city and state. Abbreviations for state are Ok. you do NOT have to change the engravings if you move.

    If it's done through a trust, then you need to have the TRUST name, city and state engraved.
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    I didn't see an answer to the question about putting a 16inch bbl on a SBR lower. The answer is that you can put a NON-NFA upper on at any time but the lower is still registered a an SBR and subject to all the rules (can't take across state lines without permission an approved ATF form, etc). I have several AR lowers that are approved on F1 and have several full length uppers as well as one SBR length upper for each.

    Hope this helps.

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