Reg. Ammo, +P, or +P+ ..... is it REALLY that big of a difference?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by GLOCK19FTW, Mar 17, 2013.

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  3. A couple years ago, I bought a bunch of the 33 round Glock 18 magazines. I figured they would be worth having, but I never use them and won't while ammo is expensive.

    I agree that the only valid data we have on good combat handgun ammo is from police. Other ammo may be better, but we just do not know without enough documented shootings.

    With 9mm, I only carry +P and usually Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point 124 grain. I am flexible to a degree based on what I can find.

    Also, make sure to test the reliability and performance of your carry ammo in your weapon. It is expensive, but it is good to avoid surprises when it counts most.
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    You got that correct, sir. I carry 9mm 115gr JHP +p+ loads because one never knows if I will ever have to shoot at a charging automobile. I can only hope that the +p+ rounds will go through the windshield AOK.
  5. While a 124 grain +P would be my carry load in a 9 mm., I would not feel undergunned with a 1150 fps 124 grain HST standard pressure, or a 147 grain HST. I know some here swear by only the lighter loads but I would not be troubled by either.
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    Lighter as in 115gr JHPs? I carry them in the +p+ format.
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  7. Here's a link to recommended SD loads:

    9 mm:
    Barnes XPB 115 gr JHP (copper bullet)
    Federal Tactical 124 gr JHP (LE9T1)
    Federal HST 124 gr +P JHP (P9HST3)
    Remington Golden Saber bonded 124 gr +P JHP (GSB9MMD)
    Speer Gold Dot 124 gr +P JHP
    Winchester Ranger-T 124 gr +P JHP (RA9124TP)
    Winchester 124 gr +P bonded JHP (RA9BA)
    Winchester Ranger-T 127 gr +P+ JHP (RA9TA)
    Federal Tactical 135 gr +P JHP (LE9T5)
    Federal HST 147 gr JHP (P9HST2)
    Remington Golden Saber 147 gr JHP (GS9MMC)
    Speer Gold Dot 147 gr JHP
    Winchester Ranger-T 147 gr JHP (RA9T)
    Winchester 147 gr bonded JHP (RA9B/Q4364)
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    A whole bunch of lead core 9mm bullets are being ignored here - the 115gr JHP cartridges by several manufacturers. Especially the Federal and Winchester 115gr JHP +p+ loads.
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  9. Not ignored--just not recommended by this source.
  10. Yeah I don´t know why no one would recommend 115 gr +P+ BPLE. Helluva round, street proven too.
    "The 124 gr HST is a better load than the 115 gr 9BP."
    "...bullet designs like the 9BP/BPLE, Silver Tip, Hydra-Shok, and Black Talon were state of the art 15 or 20 years ago. These older bullets tend to plug up and act like FMJ projectiles when shot through heavy clothing; they also often have significant degradation in terminal performance after first passing through intermediate barriers. Modern ammunition which has been designed for robust expansion against clothing and intermediate barriers is significantly superior to the older designs. The bullets in the Federal Classic and Hydrashok line are outperformed by other ATK products such as the Federal Tactical and HST, as well as the Speer Gold Dot; likewise Winchester Ranger Talons, Ranger Bonded, and Ranger Partition are far superior to the old Black Talons or civilian SXT's."
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    I wonder what it is about the WW and Fed 9mm 115gr JHP +p+ loads (or just +p for that matter) that disqualifies it?
  13. My read of this discussion is that newer, heavier bullet designs perform better than the 115gr under some conditions, and there isn't any advantage to the 115s. Based on this, I carry:

    Federal HST 147 gr JHP (P9HST2), which chronos at 976 fps from my G19.

    Winchester Ranger-T 127 gr +P+ JHP (RA9TA), 1260fps from my G19. That's a power factor of 160--just shy of making USPSA major!

    Of the two, the 147 P9HST2 has MUCH less perceived recoil and is definitely not as loud as the Ranger-T +P+.
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    Should I stop carrying my WW 115gr JHP +P+ rounds?
  15. I can't answer that for you. I think DocGKR knows his stuff, so I have followed his recommendation. I moved the Hydrashocks I used to carry into the "backup ammo" storage area because I now carry "better" loads. That said, I think the difference is probably pretty slight. I do like those 147s much less blast.
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    I am thinking about changing over to the 9mm 147gr +p load for the better penetration.
  17. Which load you going for?
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    I'll see what CorBon offers first, then Winchester/Remingtom/CCI.

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