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  1. Sorry, He is just not that important to me,to remember his first name, I see you got the message anyway, you hypocritical trader, my Point has been made, I support the NRA and ALL GUN RIGHTS, UNLIKE YOU. Go post on the OSLMA WEBSITE, did I get the name right.Get the POINT.

    My next Thread will be how meshmdz voted for suppressing the gun industry and gun owners rights.

    People get out there and get what you NEED now,ESPECIALLY AMMO,WHILE EVERYTHING IS LEGAL and COST EFFECTIVE, before people like meshmdz and his leaders PROHIBIT YOU from doing so. These are dangerous people who want to suppress your rights.

    Support The NRA, they need your help to fight these people.

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  2. farnhamj

    farnhamj NY CCW


    But it isnt fair that people who "choose" to live on welfare get to mooch off my hard earned dollar.

  3. meshmdz

    meshmdz OBAMA 2012

    I despise people who choose NOT to work. However, in the USA, the government isnt going to just people starve, for better or worse.
  4. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    Based on what you've said, I think either you don't understand the system, or I didn't see your sarcasm.

    "As you should"? You know "rich" people pay more taxes, both in dollars and percentage, than those in lower tax brackets currently, right? And you know that Obama's plan is to RAISE current taxes on anyone and any entity that makes more than $200-250k (depending on which speech you believe), right?

    And even Obama admitted to Charlie Gibson that higher taxes equals LESS government revenues, and that he was only raising taxes on "the rich" to - in his words - "be fair"?

    Why should the fortunate and profitable, hard-working folks in this country be penalized greater than they are? Why should punishment be handed down to those who risked everything to attain their positions in life? And more importantly, who ever said life was "fair"?

    You work your hind-quarters off, and you will live well in this country by other countries standards. You study hard, work hard, and take some risks, you may do well, even by our own standards. If you study hard, work hard, take some risks, and learn from your failures... there is no limit to the success you may attain.

    This is the principles upon which this country was founded. Other countries have been founded on the principle of "to each according to his need, from each according to his ability." Yet people immigrate TO the US, not from it. Telling, if you'd care to pay attention.

    The problem, then, is that too many in this country lack the intestinal fortitude to actually dig deep and earn their rewards. Too often, they have grown up with rewards for mediocrity, and have grown to expect more for less. Since they are unwilling to earn what they feel entitled to, they feel it is OK to take from those who have earned it - just like mommy taught them in grade school.
  5. bennwj

    bennwj CSM
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    You are trying to make sense to a young, brainwashed, soon-to-be college graduate with ZERO life experience. He drank the kool-aid his professors gave him and took it as gospel.

    On Thanksgiving day I had the opportunity to talk to the daughter of some friends in Colorado. Her parents are VERY wealthy.

    I last saw her two years ago, just as she was graduating high school. Now a College sophomore, she is a raging liberal idiot. I could respect her, but she started talking about Obama's "change" and how he was going to "fix" things. Not surprisingly, she could not name one thing that he was actually going to change. Just like our young friend here that you are arguing with (and Colorado 4 wheel) they BOTH fail to do their home work and think for themselves. I am quite convinced they are both plants from the Democrat Underground.
  6. bennwj

    bennwj CSM
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    We have churches and other civic organizations that can take care of the career welfare recipients. There is no reason why many of the people on the government tit are not working for themselves.

    Yes, there are times where people need help and we should do that. We should not be paying for crack whores to have more babies. We should not be giving drug addicts SSI.

    Until we break the cycle, there will always be people in line waiting with their hand out.
  7. bennwj

    bennwj CSM
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    How many people in the bottom 50% of income earners create wealth by starting businesses and hiring people? None.

    Tax the people who actually do create wealth and they lose any incentive for expanding and creating more wealth.

    Then fewer people get jobs....
  8. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    I, too, was once a raging lunatic recent college grad and hard-core liberal. Worst ten minutes of my life (and the girl I was trying to impress blew me off anyway... :supergrin:)

    That said, speaking sense WILL convert some. It may take time to root, but the seeds must be planted before the crop can grow.
  9. bennwj

    bennwj CSM
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    Plant the seed. He is certainly covered in enough B.S. it should take root.
  10. meshmdz

    meshmdz OBAMA 2012

    So because I dont agree with you or right-wing causes, I am a fool or wrong???
  11. No.
    It is quite possible to be wrong without being a fool.
    Granted there is a fine line but it's all in the technique. :whistling:

    I would say that to continue to hold a position even when given a preponderance of evidence/history that shows otherwise would have one leaning in the general direction of 'fool'.
  12. Why should you pay more (higher %) taxes for just because you work harder and make more money? I say tax the non-working lazy azzes a higher % and then they might want to do a little better for themselves. And no, I don't personally make more than $250K a year.....but if I did, I should not be taxed a higher percentage than someone making $100K......Think about it...punish someone for making a better life for themself? DUH
  13. Dont worry all those middle class chumps that voted for this idot will have their taxes raised just as Clinton did to the middle class to pay for all this money he will be printing.
  14. meshmdz

    meshmdz OBAMA 2012

    see thats just it MEATHEAD (great name :rofl: ) the lie that you are spoon-fed is that "if ya werk hard in this ****ry u'll make alotta muney" :upeyes: is that how those ****heads that flew to DC in their million dollar jets made it to the top? did they bust their ass in the shop with the thousands of other americans? or did they **** over co-workers in a dog eat dog society that allowed them to **** over people who invested in the companies? i guess you think Madoff on wall Street worked hard too right??? :upeyes: i mean its tough work lying to people and stealing from them isnt it. I mean you gotta stay up late at night working out ways to not get caught throwing away peoples' entire life savings.... get a clue. just because you WORK HARD doesnt mean you make MORE money. tell that to teachers, cops, firemen, soldiers, etc... they work harder than many others and they arent half as rich as some of the ****heads who live on wall street embezzling investors' lifesavings...
  15. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    Hard work reaps rewards. Not all rewards are monetary.

    Not all those that succeed deserve it. Not all those that fail deserve it. But "fairness" isn't judged by the result; it is judged by the application of rules equally in similar circumstances.

    Success comes to those who understand that risk and failure are part of life. Raising your station in life - the one you were handed when you were born - may or may not be your goal. If it is - AND YOU WORK HARD AT IT - you will succeed. You don't have to achieve billionaire to succeed.
  16. meshmdz

    meshmdz OBAMA 2012

    QNman, very well-stated post. I agree that hard work rewards people however, not always monetarily, for sure.
  17. I agree about the wall street crooks. They all should do some time in prison in my worthless opinion. But, on the other hand...What about a self made man, who by working hard, working smart...maybe a little good luck along the way, creates a business and does well financially for himself and makes over $250K per year....Why should he pay a higher % tax than someone who earns less? I would love to see a flat tax....same percentage no matter your income.
    Peace and Happy New Year.
  18. All those that fail do deserve it, they failed due to some stupid descision along the way, 100 per cent of time needs to be thought,buisness, buisness, business, nothing else, not family,not anything, and you will suceed.

    All those that suceed do deserve it, they sacrificed everything that life has to offer for their buisness and the money. I did it and would not have it any other way.

    I will be damned if I pay higher taxes for those drones who played it safe and got a job and worked for somebody else, they got what they deserve, a paycheck, time to spend with their famlies, and to sit on the couch on weekends and drink beer. THATS ALL THEY DESERVE.
  19. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    There are many examples of those whose work ethic is impeccable, yet failed due to circumstances beyond their control. However, our reaction to failure often dictates whether the state of failure is permanent or a transition to success.

    Many succeed through luck, birthright, marriage, etc. Maybe I am being unfair to say they don't "deserve it"... perhaps a more accurate description is that they didn't EARN it.

    I, too, have succeeded in the face of adversity. And I agree that taxing those who bust their humps to get there to support those without the courage to try is both ludicrous and un-American.
  20. failed due to circumstances beyond their control

    Like What? Everything in buisness is making the right decision, whatever it takes, going over that decision for all the pros and cons, all the benifits and all the pitfalls that might arouse from that decision, and taking all factors into consideration, leaving nothing for chance. Will take care of anything that might arise. There are no Circumstances beyond control, if you rip it apart enough.

    As for the people that inherit, born into, or marry into money, are a very, very small part of the equation.

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