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Redback One RB1 Combat Pistol Sights Installed

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by JBarbaresi, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. There is very little information available for these sights on the internet so I wanted to get a thread started on GT for anyone who might be curious about them.

    Jason Falla of Redback One Training Systems partnered with Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance to create these sights. The concept was to take an already great platform created by Hilton Yam and "fine tune" it to make the ultimate set of combat sights for the Glock platform. The RB1 sights feature a .125" wide by .215" tall front sight with a small .60" tritium insert set as high as possible in the blade without any sort of distracting outline. The rear is a plain black sight with a .156" square notch, both front and rear sights have 40lpi serrations to reduce glare.

    These sights are very similar to the 10-8 Performance sights, however only come in one configuration and size option and you must purchase them as a set. Some of the other main differences are the square rear notch, a slightly smaller and higher set tritium vial in the front, and the front has a slightly different side profile. I really like all these changes to the standard 10-8 sights and I think this setup definitely fills a niche for a lot of people out there. I placed an order on Tuesday and on Thursday they were delivered to my door by Fedex, excellent customer service in my opinion. For anyone who has any previous experience with 10-8 sights, the quality and craftmanship are both top notch.

    Weather has not allowed me to shoot with these yet, but just from dry firing and a few presentations around the house I can tell that the .156" square notch in the rear coupled with the thin .125" front blade is going to be an extremely fast and accurate combination. I replaced a set of standard 10-8's with these, so the transition should be quite easy and after I get some trigger time I will report back with my "performance" impressions. For now here are some pictures.

    The sights can be purchased here.





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  2. highfructosecornsyrp


    Feb 2, 2011
    How much did they set you back, shipped?

    Im interested in a pair, one set for my 19 and the other for my advantage arms 22lr kit for my 19.
  3. They were around $120 shipped but I also had to pay sales tax since I live in VA, which was like $6. I'll add a link to the Redback One proshop in the first post in case you want to purchase them.
  4. sorry guys i meant to update this a while ago and never got around to it. i only have 500 rounds through my g19 since installing these 2 weeks ago, but i'm definitely digging this sight picture. i haven't done anything too crazy, just some minor plate and bullseye shooting in the backyard, but it was enough for me to order another set for my gen3 g19. hopefully they will be here tomorrow or thursday and i'll get them installed in time for some use this weekend.

    as i suspected i am really favoring the wide square notch over the "U" notch of the 10-8s i was using previous, although i know some prefer the "U" so to each his own. i think the light bars on either side of the front sight are easier to distinguish with the square edges and i get better lateral accuracy at speed. it's almost like the front sight just wants to stay completely centered with so much light on either side of it, even with side to side transitions. POI on my g19 is just about 1-2" high at 25 yards and slightly higher at closer distances. I would imagine on a g17 these would hit dead on at 25 yards.

    i look forward to using them at the beginning of march in my first IDPA match of the year. just need to decide if i want to start in SSP with the gen4 or move right to ESP with the gen3.
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  5. the weather was nice today; not a cloud in the sky, about 50 degrees, and only gusty winds. i put about 300 rounds through my gen3 g19 that recently got their own set of the RB1 sights this week. the break down was 250 rounds of 147gr speer lawman, 50 rounds of 124gr federal HST, and 15 rounds of 147gr federal HST that have been rotated out of my carry stash. after the question was raised about POI at closer ranges than 25 yards, i decided to do some testing at different distances today. i'm no pro, but i think the targets show that there is very little variation from 5 yards through 25 yards, and the ammo and shooter probably have more to do with those than the distance did.

    i started with the 147gr lawman at 5 yards, then pushed back to 10, 15, 20, and finally 25. each target got 5 rounds. after i was through all distances with the lawman i switched over to the 124gr HST and repeated the testing (shooting 6 rounds at 15 yards because i knew i pulled one as soon as it happened). i can't say i was surprised, but it was interesting to see how much flatter of a trajectory the HST maintained all the way out to 25 yards vs. the lawman.

    i'm now close to 1k rounds using the RB1 sights between my two g19s and what little learning curve there was is now behind me. i am still very pleased and will almost definitely be putting these on all my future glocks and keep my fingers crossed they are released for some other models as well.

    here are some pics.






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    Mar 23, 2011
    Dallas TX
    How are they compared to your original i-dots? I have the same set you use to have with the pro glow green front.
  7. sights are a very personal choice, and there is nothing wrong with the i-dot pros. for me the RB1 sights are a better setup.

    the front sight on the i-dot pros is much thicker, but the front sight to rear notch ratio is very similar between them because of the .180" wide rear notch of the i-dots. i like the thinner front sight personally, i feel like it provides a much more "crisp" sight picture. i also like the fully blacked out serrated plain rear and nearly blacked out front sight of the RB1. i found the colorful outline on the front sight of the i-dot pros to attract attention of the eye to the point that it became distracting when shooting at speed, especially at any sort of distance.

    if i've learned one thing over the years it's that a simple sight picture is best. the small single tritium lamp in the front of the RB1 is a nice feature for quick front sight indexing in low light conditions. the fact that it doesn't have any outlines for daylight shooting, which is 99% of when we all shoot, is also a plus. the ideal setup for low lights is to have some kind of light, in which case you would again resort to aiming with the sight outline instead of the tritium or dots anyways. i don't see the need for any more than 1 tritium aiming point, if it's too dark to aim through the rear sight and the target is too far/small to hit without being able to point shoot, i'm not going to engage it.