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  1. A while back, I bought one of the Mako frame mounts and a cheap rod dot sight just to try out. Aside from the cheap, junk sight falling apart within an hour, I absolutely loved shooting with it. My only complaint is that I couldn't holster my gun with the mako mount attached. That's too inconviencing and pretty much a deal breaker for me.

    So that got me looking at the slide mounted set-ups. My only concerns is losing sight of the dot between shots. I've never shot with one rail mounted, so maybe my concern isn't really anything I should worry about afterall. But with the mako mount, the mount and sight stay relativily still while the slide cycles. But with a slide mounted sight, it will be constantly moving with the slide. Does this create issues with losing sight of the red dot?

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has shot with a slide mounted red dot.

    This is what I had in mind:


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  3. The slide returns forward before your eyes open and re-focus from the reactive blink,,, you won't notice that it moved. I've been running mine for a couple of months now and can return to target and double tap in almost bam-bam time. I have previously been unable to accomplish this with irons. YMMV

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    I run a slide ride Deltapoint and really like it. I wouldn't suggest a slide ride unless you go with a durable brand optic, they're more expensive, but worth it in my book. I have no problems losing the dot and I run a 3.5 moa. Also, no holster problems, it improved my shooting, and helps with my older eyesight too.
  5. *QUOTE*
    The slide returns forward before your eyes open and re-focus from the reactive blink,,

    You need to shoot more, I do shoot MORE and I DON'T BLINK.

    I have 2 open G34s w/red dots--one w/a Doctor and one w/a Burris Fast Fire II. Great for competition guns but a red dot on a carry gun would be awkward.
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    A slide mounted red dot is the only way to go.

    I suggest you do what I did and mail your Glock slide to Mark at L&M Gun works and get your slide milled for a red dot. He is a great guy to deal with, his work is fantastic and turn around time is about a week.

    Here is my G19 with a Trijicon 7 MOA red dot.

  7. I have a slide mount JP red dot on my G24....everything they said ^^^^
  8. I'm happy for you. I shoot plenty. Not sure if I blink or not,, some do, some don't. I was giving the OP worse case scenario to answer his question.:upeyes:
  9. Thanks for the posts everybody. I'll more than likely give this a try sometime this winter.

    Anybody have a brand preference between C-More and Burris?
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    Neither. Trijicon is the only way to go on a centerfire handgun. If you look hard enough you can find a RMO4 for $350.

    The Burris Fastfire is a great red dot for .22 pistols, I would not consider using on a defensive pistol.
  11. ^^^^ This!!

    I have a Burris on my 22/45,,, great little set up,,, I wouldn't trust it on any slide pistol. I "cheaped" out on my first slide by using an Insight MRDS. The insight is a great sight and can take the abuse,,, don't get me wrong,,, and it's not cheap. I found it local for a great price,, that's why I went that route. I then found I liked the red dot function so much, that I wanted it on my nightstand gun. The Insight was a poor choice for this since it requires a power switch to activate. I built another slide with an RMR. I got the RM04 used (LNIB) shipped to my home for $360. I have $240 rapped up in the Insight,,, and I may not be able to move it.:shocked:

    The Insight is durable enough for every day use, and will take anything short of abuse,,, but it won't take abuse like the RMR,,,, no question. I'm currently trying to sell my Insight G17 slide and not getting many bites. RMR slides go pretty quick if the price is right.

    Go with the RMR,,, it may hurt once,,, but it's well worth it.

    I just bought another LNIB RM04 for my SBR,, I paid $400 for it since it came with a nice QD mount for the rail. If you keep your eyes open on various sights you can snap one up for $350 - $400 as Cole stated.

    If you can't find/don't want a used one,,, Mark sells the RMR's in combo with his slide work,,, he sells them new for less than almost anyone I could find.
  12. School me. What makes the RMR better than the other options on the market?
  13. Three words,,,, Quality,,,, Durability,,, Flexibility.

    I do/have owned many different types of Trijicon products. I currently own an ACOG, Accupoint, Pistol Iron NS, and now a couple of Reflex optics. IMO,,, you get what you pay for when it comes to anything Trijicon.

    I currently have two Burris Fast Fire II's, an Insight MRDS, and two RM04's. The Burris is great for plinking,,, but it WILL NOT hold up to every day use,,, or any rough handling what so ever. The Insight is built well enough to take the every day use stuff,,, but it's poly housing won't take abuse. (accidental or intentional), and you have to watch yourself with it when using gun cleaning solvents etc.

    EVERYTHING about the RMR is better than the other items I have listed. The controls are more rugged and more exact in the way they function,,, they work as intended, hold zero under crazy abuse,,, you can choose between dual illum models or battery powered LED models with the RMR. Most other manufacturers do it one way,,, and you live with how they think it should be done.

    AND,,, if you pic up a used RMR for a decent price,,, you can flip it tomorrow and get most of your $$ back. You just can't do that with most models,,, because not many (none that I know of) will hold up under the conditions the RMR will put up with.

    Do a quick google search for RMR durability and see the kind of stuff they take with people "trying" to brake them,,, now realize you won't put it through anything like that, and you will understand that it's money well spent.

    Here's an analogy,,,, Burris = Taurus. RMR = Sig. Nothing "wrong" with either, and they both "do" the same thing,,, but they aren't equal to one another in any other way.
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  14. Thanks for the explanation!
  15. Which MOA would you guys recommend? I'd need it mostly for speed shooting 5-20 yard shots.
  16. I have a 3.5MOA Burris,,, an RMR 7MOA, and even though the MRDS is sold as a 7MOA,,, comparing it to the RMR, it's a bit larger,,, I'd say it's about 9MOA.

    I prefer the 9 of the Insight for the drills I do,,, but I'm mostly working inside of 15 yards. If you are going out to 25 often,,, I'd go with the 7MOA. The 3.5MOA is way too small for me to pick up quickly at any range,,, but it's also not as bright as the others. I have no experience with a larger dot than 9MOA,,, but from all the research I've done on them,,,, 7 - 9 MOA seems to be the size most often recommended for 5 - 25 yard stuff.
  17. I have had a Burris Fast Fire II mounted on a Glock 19 for over three years and have never had a problem with it's function.
  18. Wow,,, that's great!!! I have to say after owning a couple of them,,, I'm a bit surprised. Pleasantly surprised,,, but surprised none the less.

    Any idea how many rounds you have through her with the Burris installed? Is it an EDC gun, range gun, comp gun, nightstand gun etc.?
  19. lkwan@houston.r

    lkwan@houston.r Glock 21SF


    I have heard of the buy once cry once, but have you had any experince with the fastfire 3?

    1)Has their reliability improved?

    2)The only time i have read any RDS sight had problems holding zero is when using with a dovetail mount instead of it mounted directly to slide.

    3) Everyone states RMR is more durable. I have read, hardcore users, drops their guns, or use a table to hand one rack their slides with an RMR. I don't plan on any of that!

    My RDS gun will be a CCW weapon.

    I'm on the fence, I keep going back and forth between my FF3 and a RM07. I have filled out Mark's work order twice. One for each direction.

    If I go, with the FF3. I will have money leftover to get a grip reduction done by Dale Hunnicutt.

    If I were to give all my money to Mark with an RMR package, the grip reduction will be put on hold for a while.

    just if... i won the lotto. RMR's for everyone!
  20. What's the benefit of milling the slide for the sight as apposed to just drilling and tapping it? Is it just so it sits lower?

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