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    I want to put a reddot on my g17 -- There are handful of options...

    Does anyone have any real-world info/experience/opinions?

    The only experiences I've had are the el-cheapo ones and a burris fastfire iii (which is much nicer than ii)

    The g17 is for home defense and as defense when hiking/hunting.

    I'm leaning towards another fastfire due to the price and I know it works; I have one on my racoon gun (.22 rifle) (they seem to like to try to attack our dog).

    I'm interested in speed/accuracy, plus/minuses of reticle size/shape, and real-world parallax issues.

    Here's what I found while hunting around:
    $450 DeltaPoint (inc. mount) Requires removal to replace battery
    $240 Burris FastFire III (already have a glock mount) "parallax free to 50 yards"
    $400+mount c-more "100% parallax free"; Seems battery compartment could easly open on it's own.
    $500 Docter (Mount is $100)
    $290 jpoint (mount is $40)
    $600 eotech/insight MRDS (mount is $100)
    $230 ultradot (on "clearance", not made anymore?)

    A couple of sights seemed to indicate that bases might be a bit more "universal" than I thought... (same mount works for eotech and docter) If true, this makes some of the sights cheaper if I can find a generic mount

    Another option is to remove the fastfire from my 22 rifle & put an eotech on it; then put the fastfire on the glock
    $415 Eotech 512

    I'm currently leaning towards one of two way:
    1) buy an eotech 512 for my rifle (I have one on an ar); use the fastfire on the glock: Plus: I upgrade the sight on a home-weapon that we actually use. (We live rurally)
    2) another fastfire just due to price, and I somehow feel comforted in that they admit parallax issues beyond 50 yards.

    But if a different reddot is superior enough then I'd rather do the G17 with a new sight, as the fastfire/22 is proven acceptable.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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  2. Search engine is you friend here. This topic has been discussed a lot. The general consensus is the trijicon rmr is the best red dot hands down for slide mounting. Also you will be much happier if you get the slide milled for the sight rather than using the dovetail mounts.

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    Did search, found more questions than answers...
    I did try a rmr @ the range (borrowed) -- the dot brightness didn't seem to be bright enough -- but will have a second look; they must have one at one of the local shops.

  4. I have Trijicon RMRs on two of my Glocks........a few thoughts, and I'm going to be blunt about it.....not meaning to come off by sounding arrogant, but it is what it is-

    1. Anything besides the RMR, DeltaPoint and MRDS are a sacrifice. Those are in order of preference.

    The MRDS is insanely tall, and will require either retardedly higher suppressor sights (think .350 at least), or the slide being milled deeper (a no-go on most handguns).

    2. Do it right the first time. Get it milled out. Mark Housel did both my Glocks, and the turnaround time was 5 days on the Glock 19, and 6 days on the Glock 21.

    3. Get BUIS. Whether or not you want tritium for your BUIS is totally up to you; however, the tritium BUIS help immensely with "guiding" you in on the dot in low light situations.

    4. If you are cheap with setting it up, the results will be crappy. If you don't have the money to do it right the first time, then save your pennies. Buy once, cry once is in full effect here.

    There's a flavor of RMR for everyone's tastes. I chose the dual-illuminated 9 MOA dot, and I love it. The only issues with washout are when my TLR-1 is on, AND I'm pointing at a white wall at the same time. Other than that, no issues.

    Also, the adjustable RMR's are having issues on handguns......I'd wait for Trijicon to come up with a fix before I went with an Adjustable LED model. The auto-adjusting LED models are good to go. I recommend at least a 6-7 MOA dot, and no bigger than a 9 MOA dot.

    The 9 MOA dot on my two RMR'ed Glocks are just a little bit thinner than the front sight post. The 9 MOA is perfect if you want a Dual-Illuminated RMR for your pistol.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me, or post here. I'm really a believer in the concept of a "Red Dot Pistol", and I see it as the next big thing in handguns......especially when you can co-witness BUIS in case the optic goes down.



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    Thanks for that; good stuff. I'll save my nickles then...
  6. +1 for Mark Housel. Just had mine done.

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    Slightly different, but related question -- are all the "mini red-dots" about the same size? If If I get milled for one, will it screw it up for another?
  8. Not really. When you have a slide milled for an MRDS, its specific to that MRDS, as their mounting holes, and distance between mounting screws are different.

    I highly, highly recommend going with a Trijicon RMR if you're going down the milled route, as the RMR is thought of as the only one to have really stood up to the abuse a reciprocating slide imparts on a mini red dot mounted to it.

    I just looked at my invoice from Mark Housel, and here's what he did for me, and the total cost-

    - Purchased Trijicon RMR RM05 (9 MOA Dual-Illuminated)
    - Mill Slide for RMR
    - Cerakote the milled out surface
    - Install AmeriGlo Tritium Suppressor Sights (BUIS)
    - Laser Boresight RMR

    Total cost was $740-ish, and would be about $80 cheaper if you went with regular non-tritium BUIS. Keep in mind, $400 of that was the cost of the Trijicon RMR.
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  10. I've been considering doing an RMR setup too, and a big question for me is dot size. Can we discuss what the added performance of an RMR will be, over good irons? For me, I don't feel the need to be faster or more accurate at 15 yards or less, unless it's a very small target. I had been thinking that adding an RMR would expand the utility of my Glock into situations where a carbine would ordinarily be required. Let's say 25-200 yards, or obscured small targets. For those conditions, a 9moa dot seems way too big.

  11. GRT45

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    The Trijicon RMR Model RM02 LED and RM07 Adjustable LED are 6.5 MOA which subtend a circle 6.5" in diameter at a range of 100 yards and 13" at 200 yards. That is a near perfect size for pistol work in my opinion. Any smaller MOA (3.25) and you reach a point of diminishing returns for a pistol since target acquisition speed suffers as the reticle size gets smaller.

    Hitting steel plates consistently at 100 yds and man-sized targets at 200 yds is what can be expected with an RMR-equipped Glock pistol.

    The adjustable LED model (RM07) offers advantages for me in low light that I would be reluctant to give up. I routinely override the auto-adjust mode to set and hold the reticle brightness constant at night to better suit my needs with a hand-held tac light.
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  12. That makes good sense GRT45. I was planning on getting an RMR02 6.5moa led unit or an RMR04 7moa dual illum unit.

    The adjustable RMRs have had some reliability issues, if what I've read is true. If I put this on a G20, that RMR is going to need to be tough. The RMR04 is looking pretty good to me.
  13. Would a RMR with milled slide on my Glock 19 cause difficulty fitting my holsters? 99% of the time I carry in either a RCS Phantom or a Theis IWB hybrid. Both have reduced "combat cut" profiles.

    I would plan to do the RMR with tritium sights behind.

    Is there a need to dovetail the front sight?


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  14. no need to dovetail the front. they just bolt in.
  15. My EDC is a gen4 g17 milled for the Trijicon RMR02 (new model, 6.5moa). Backed up w/ Ameriglo suppressor night sights. Mine is carried in Fricke RMR specific holsters, or, occasinally a Raven Concealment Vanguard II.
    Hope this helps.

  16. Pics?!?!


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