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Discussion in 'Firearms Listings' started by G21H30, Mar 1, 2002.

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  1. Just sold an item to BlueDuck. Good communication and smooth transaction.

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  2. HydraShok

    Millennium Member

    Got an excellent deal from ssgarmy , very pleasant to deal with, all items sent promptly and received in the condition promised. Would not hesitate to deal with him again.

  3. Blue Duck

    Blue Duck Just this guy

    Just bought a magazine from GlockBill. Item was in described condition and shipped promptly. Would not hesitate to do business with him again.
  4. TheMan

    TheMan DO IT!!!

    Traded a firearm with Asphalt Man and was very happy with the results. Gun was in the exact condition as he described it and he met me on short notice. I would recommend him to my friends.
  5. Mn. Fly Boy

    Mn. Fly Boy Mn. Fly Boy

    I think a bad guy list would be the quickest to find a scam artist however a highly recomeded list is also great because of the known good resulsts dealing with that person.
    Any way I would highly recomend AllGlock in any dealing he has to offer. I have bought four handguns from him in the past year and as always have got exactly as advertised. He is a very honest and open in his dealings. I did see someone giving him some static about the price on one of his NIB Glocks w/ nite sites that was wanting it for free I guess. When he was told the price was fixed and fair this guy didn't like it..and got smart. I stand with AlGlock on this one and his prices are always reasonable and fair. Anyway you won't go wrong dealing with AlGlock (Don). MnFlyboy
  6. Mn. Fly Boy

    Mn. Fly Boy Mn. Fly Boy

    Anyone looking for good quality holsters won't go wrong with S.A. Gunleathers. These are high quality holsters of all kinds at a very reasonable price. The CEO Syd Towell is a very nice person and very helpful as well. The service is fast and dependable.. I have had excelent results dealing with them and highly recomend S.A. for all your holster and related items. They custon made two holsters for my Styer M40's that fit perfect with no extra charge and you can't beat that. They have an on line catalog to brouse that makes it interesting with a wide selection of holsters. It's a good company to do business with. MnFlyBoy
  7. I'd like to recommend blackdog99. I bought some G19 magazines from him and they were as advertised. In addition, communication was great, he shipped them quickly and emailed me with the tracking number. I'd definitely do business with him again.
  8. Web pages like give feed back on seller. Of course anyone can file a law suit but judges are being encouraged to assess attorneys' fees more and more against baseless law suits. Of course I understand one lady did lay down on a subway tract in NY intending to commit sucide perhaps and after being hit by the subway was able to convince a jury to give her $10 million. Common sense ain't common.
  9. Grog

    Millennium Member

    Kevinh is A+++

    I recieved two mags in as described condition and rather quickly concidering my screw-up.
  10. jeremy54b

    jeremy54b Merely Here...

    I just finished dealing with Richard, aka russianakm for 2 13-round G21 magazines. I recieved the items yesterday, like new! Much better than expected. Richard followed the package through every step until it got to me. I would definitely do business with him again.

  11. My vote goes to Mike @ Mike's Basement. Fast email replies, and service. Ordered my parts on a monday, received them on a thursday. On top of that, he gave me extra parts, parts that I did not order.

    Top notch guy and will do business with him again.

  12. I'll have to second Grog's recommendation of Kevinh. He goes well beyond what's expected and is utterly trustworthy and professional. Not only would I not hesitate to to business with him, I'd look for an opportunity to do so.

  13. Stopdropnroll

    Moderator Millennium Member

    Bought mags from Big Bad .45 Wolf. Good deal, nice guy, no problems.

    SDnR ;)
  14. scottMO

    Moderator Millennium Member

    Another vote of confidence for GlockBill. Nice and easy transaction.

  15. Positive feedback for ScottMO. I just received the items that I purchased from him in excellent condition. Great communications and prompt delivery! A pleasure to do business with!

  16. Just bought a 9mm barrel for my G22 from Grail. He responded immediately to emails. He got the barrel packaged and addressed as soon as we agreed on the deal and even went to the extra trouble of taking it to the post office the same afternoon he received my MO. Sent MO on Monday, got the barrel on Thursday. Wonderful person to do business with.

  17. Rusty Phillips

    Moderator Millennium Member

  18. I'd be surprised if these two names aren't already on here but the first is dwestfall. I bought a M3 off of Derek and got a great deal and got it pretty quick with a few extras. Good guy.

    The second is Big Bad .45 Wolf. Jeff is awesome and really hooked me up w/ a Sidearmor holster. For what a normal holster goes for he threw in 4 extra attachments and then at the last minute also threw in a mag carrier! To top it all off it got here within 3 days. Two awesome individuals that I would not hesitate to trust.

    *Edit: Had to change a name. Used Jeff's email ID instead of his GT ID.
  19. I've got 2 more names to add to the list.

    GlockRat (Chris) is one of the most honost people I've worked with on this forum. I got a VMII holster from him which ended up getting lost in the mail. We both did everything we could to find it for 2 weeks. Never showed up. I offered to split the cost with him so that neither one of us would be out too much. Next thing I knew he already sent me a refund for the full amount refusing my offer. Well I hope that it shows up so I can send his rightful money back to him. At the very least I can let you all know that his integrity is without doubt and solid as his word. Thanks again Chris, I hope it does show up.

    Second is Cohiba (Kellet of Public Safety Equipment). Awesome prices on M3's/M6's and very quick and curtious service. Got my light quick and I'll be going back.
  20. Bought a G30 from Realdiver7.

    Great guy, VERY trustworthy and polite...great to deal with overall.

    Bought a G27 from steelerfan. Again, very polite and a pleasure to do business with.

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