Recommended .223 Loads With 50gr Bullets?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by doc540, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. shooting .223 in a Savage 12 with a 26" varmit barrel.

    For accuracy only, what loads do you recommend for 50gr soft point bullets?

    Since I was able to buy several thousand 50gr Varmit Nightmare X-Treme sp's, I'm using Varget and IMR 3031 (only powders available locally) and looking for an accuracy sweet spot.

    light bullet, varmit barrel, accurate .223 load?

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  3. Boxerglocker

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    TAC 24.8g with a 50g Vmax, jumping to the lands with a 2.200 OAL out of my 1-9 twist R700 SPS TAC 20 inch barrel. That a .393 4 shot group discounting the flyer (5th shot) this is an old pic, I've broken .25 MOA with this load since. Also had good results with BL(C)-2 but prefer this TAC load for varmints. I took a coyote out in Montana at 440 yards last year with this load, as well as several hundred prairie dogs.

  4. Thanks

    Looking for TAC powder now, too.
  5. Accuracy always starts w/ the bullet. If I wanted a pure accuracy load, I would look to a 52gr match bullet first. Several non match 50gr will do well, the Hornady, Nosler BT, but pure acccuray, start with a match bullet. Powders, all rifles & bullet combos have a pref. So start w/ a proven powder like Varget, TAC, etc.
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  6. Thanks, but do to the Frantic Panic, my bullet choices were limited.

    That's why I specified 50gr Varmit Nightmare X-Treme sp's.

    I have thousands of them.
  7. My point, asking for accuracy loads is fine, but everyone will have something diff. You have the bullets, what powder do you haev available right now? AA2520 is an under the radar choice for me & the 223. Everyone loves Varget, it's good, but no better than some others. So a couple diff powders, then get to the range & start load dev. I never mess w/ starting loads, almost uselses & you just put wear on the bbl & spend $$ getting to the good stuff. So work up from avg middle data will give better results.
    I do 3rd groups in 3/10gr increments to find a good load. Then verify the best load w/ (2) 5 shot groups. Saves components & bbl wear.
  8. I'd keep an eye out for 'Exterminator' too, as you're looking for TAC. I like Exterminator for the 50 grn & under bullets with the 223.

    Yes, of course you would have to evaluate loads that are best for you & your setup.
  9. "I'm using Varget and IMR 3031 (only powders available locally).

  10. Zombie Steve

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    Nowadays, just get what you can. I think 3031 is a little quick burning for the heavier bullets, but should work well for 50 grainers.

    I'd also consider AA2230, one of the 4895's, or H335 in addition to some of the other suggestions.
  11. FM12

    FM12 I need AMMO!

    Hogdons H335. Or Winchesater 748.

  12. I only have Varget and IMR 3031 available now.

    but thanks
  13. found a sweet spot today

  14. concentrated on being more precise and consistent with my powder throws with this batch.

    better, but a long way to go


  15. The AA2230 was a very good powder for me with 50-55 grain bullets.

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  16. tried some Win 748 today with 68gr bullets

    1/9 twist seems to like them

    and the 748 meters like sugar!


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