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Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by ss243b, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, my cheap gerber is finally wearing out after 1 year of hard service. I am looking to replace it with a good quality folding knife with a pocket clip, prefferably smooth blade, thin and under a 4" blade. This knife will be used to poke, prod, pry, gut deer, trim fingernails(lol) and any other miscellaneous task you can imagine. I have a hard time keeping this gerber sharp. Would like something very durable and good quality, price range under $100 hopefully, thanks guys

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  3. With the exception of "pry", which most folders don't do to well at, Buck 110, Benchmade's Griptilian or mini grip comes to mind, as do several Spydercos in the less than a Bill category.

  4. Take a look at the boker plus line. The above mentioned are great knives. I bought a boker 4 years around and have put it thru hell. Holds a good edge and very sturdy.
  5. Travclem

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    Benchmade Griptilian or Spyderco Delica/Endura get my vote.

    ETA: Don't pry with a knife, knives are for cutting. There are plenty of keychain prybars on the market.
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  6. syntaxerrorsix

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    Spyderco Delica or Endura with your price point. You get a lot of knife with either choice.
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  7. Officer's Match

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    Spyderco Tenacious for a good, inexpensive EDC. I prefer the liner lock to a lock back for general use (easier one handed closing). Should be easily attainable under $40.

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  8. I second the nomination for the Spyderco Tenacious. Mine is my EDC knife and I use it for everything: cutting small trees for walking sticks, scraping bark or whatever, whittling, cutting boxes and paper, skinning, minor chopping, and even food preparation if I'm cooking at someone else's house.

    Best folder I've ever owned, but I won't cry if it gets lost of broken because it's so dang inexpensive. I think everyone should have at least one of these.
  9. PEC-Memphis

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    I like my Kershaw Scallion. I've carried it almost everyday for 6 years and use it for everything - even "light prying". I've had to replace the torsion spring twice though (Kershaw sent me a pack (probably 10 or so) of springs, and a tool to R/R the springs, free of charge.)

    I guess they are still made in the US.
  10. The Spyderco Tenacious, Delica, and Endura are all great choices. You should also look into the Spyderco Salt series.
  11. [ame=""] Top Rated: The best in Hunting Knives based on Amazon customer reviews[/ame]

    [ame=""] Top Rated: The best in Pocketknives based on Amazon customer reviews[/ame]

    Very good recommendations by people on Glocktalk. The next steps may be as follows.

    1. has user ratings of different knives. You might pay particular attention to the negative comments. If a person looks for a knife for a particular purpose and say the knife is ok, but the sheath gets a bad review, you would want to factor in the cost of a replacement sheath. Oh yeah, I recently received a very decent knife and the restraint was a piece of velcro that was already failing right from the box. So, now the Afghan has a decent kydex sheath. Remember, Amazon will have perhaps 100 or more ratings on a knife.

    2. Consider looking at youtube videos on the specific knives under consideration. You might learn that Esee knives can be purchased without a sheath and so you avoid spending the money on a factory sheath if you want something different.

    3. For many people, the carry system/sheath may be critical. Yes, I know of Benchmade folders and other folders being carried in Benchmade horizontal/vertical option sheaths. Make sure that you consider the carry options and if you don't seem to find a decent carry system, ask the vendor or the manufacturer for a recommendation.
  12. Another vote for the Benchmade Griptillian.
  13. Make it another vote for the Griptillian.:wavey:

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