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Recommendations on Prepping Gear for a Small Business

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by Kaceyx73, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Kaceyx73


    Jun 23, 2005
    Upstate, SC
    Hello all.

    I have a friend that has made a living selling at flea markets and festivals. He started out with whatever knick knack crap he could find, up to and including close to date food items. Nowadays, he has worked his way up to selling high profit margin sports stuff, like powerbands, phi-ten necklaces, snapback hats (yeah, the old truckers hats are back in style), and even sunglasses. At festivals he adds balloons for the kiddies and sells molded glass jewelry. Many of his fellow sellers in other areas will even by from him at a small markup to sell on there own. I could use the extra cash, even though I could care less about powerbands, so I was thinking about using him to order some prepping gear at wholesale and add it into the usual Sat/Sun retinue and see how it goes.

    The advantage is I get to sell something that no one else is, and avoid undercutting. I also get to set up in such a way that I can influence the newbies, and point them to more effective items instead of just wally world crap (emergency bivvies vs mylar foil blankets) etc. Sure, I will likely carry a few smaller kits for home and auto, plus some nicer med packs, but in a flea market setting I will avoid too many 72hr kits. 1-2 for show and demo, but mostly small stuff to begin with.

    Also, many small items have such cheap chinese knockoffs that it might be hard to sell at too high of a price point. Think cheap led flashlights for a dollar. Knives could be interesting, but they are already very common in most places. I might add a small selection of good folders, machetes, camp axes, and maybe a kukri or two, but not much. I'll avoid too much tacti-cool stuff and focus on form and function, measured with durability.

    This is still a bit of research, so I hope to get everyone's input. What items do you think would be great idea for a BOB that is not as easy to find locally, and would be an easy sell if you saw them at a flea market? Your welcome to give a full review, or you can simply note a rough price point, quality level, and usage, maybe even a source.

    On another thread, there is a discussion about Wise food storage. I will be watching that one. I like the idea of having a small bucket kit, with option to order larger kits if needed. I have found I can order Wise and a couple others wholesale.

    Anyone had any trouble with Adventure Medical Kits?