Recommend a scope for my Glock

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by PVolk, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. I'm interesting in deer hunting with my Glock 24 this season. I already have a Mako mount. But I have no idea of which type of scope to be looking for. I'm open to suggestions.

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  3. The Pirate

    The Pirate HARRRRR!!!

    I'd use a red dot, I'm not a big fan of scoped pistols. I can hit a deer size target @ 100 yards with my stock G20 sights.
    I've had a Redhawk with a scope in the past, the magnification was not my thing. It's all opinion, but it made it quite a bit harder for me to get on target and hold steady on the target.
    If you do decide to get a scope, go low magnification and get the best one you can afford.

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  4. Cole125

    Silver Member

    I would suggest getting a red dot instead, but you you must have a scope Burris makes some good pistol scopes for a decent price.

    You should save up some money and get your slide milled for a Trijicon RMR red dot, and you will be set.
  5. It depends on your budget. I wouldn't recommend a magnified optic on a Glock pistol. I'd vote for a quality Red Dot Sight milled into your Glock's slide. If that isn't as option, use a good RDS with a dovetail mount. Good luck.
  6. RonS

    Millennium Member

    I've scoped a revolver and liked shooting it. Used a Burris scope on a Dan Wesson 8" .357 and a TC Contender .22 Hornet but I think on a Glock I'd want a slide mounted red dot and hold my shots to a shorter range.
  7. I don't consider the 40S&W an appropriate choice for deer, and I don't recommend a scope. I do just fine with night sights on my G20SF out to 100 yards as well as the other person that posted.
  8. You guys can aim for and hit a heart or a lung at 100 yards without optics? If so, then my hat's off to you. That's an impressive shot. I haven't shot my 24 beyond 25 yards yet, but I was that accurate at 25 yards. My grandfather used to hunt deer with .22lr, and the current law is .32" or larger. Kind of silly to trust .40 s&w to protect ourselves and family, but not trust a well placed shot with .40 to take down deer... Opinions are opinions though.

    I am familiar with the RMR but I am wanting magnification not just a red dot. I could probably hit a deer sized target at 100 yards with factory sights, but not a heart sized target. And a well placed shot is important to me. I'm just not familiar with how much magnification and objective diameter would be best for the application.
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  9. I'm a competion shooter, including Bullseye, but wouldn't be taking 100 yd kill shoots on game with a G24 - no matter the optics. Though I've never hunted game with a handgun, I used to bow hunt deer and consider (practical) handgun distances more like bow distances - that I wouldn't personally take past ~35 yds.
  10. TKM

    TKM Shiny Member
    Lifetime Member

    You will get a deer eventually.

    You are just going about it very, very poorly.

    Wear comfortable boots.
  11. I don't plan on taking shots beyond 40-50 yards.

    Been deer hunting for many years, but thanks anyway. I'll also have my shotgun with me for longer shots. I just always thought it would be fun to take a deer with a pistol.

    Anyone want to actually discuss scopes?
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  12. floorburn_21

    floorburn_21 .40 ftw


    It's easier to criticize something completely off topic that you would obviously :upeyes: never consider yourself before asking a question! :supergrin:

    Good luck and safe hunting.
  13. Bruce M

  14. On my bow at distances of 35yds (or usually less) I used an old pin sight and had no problem with 'kill' accuracy.

    With my red dot (Doctor) 9mil Glock 34 I can easily shoot a 4" group at 25 yds from standing, using both hands. That's somewhat better than my bow accuracy, and is very repeatable at that 25 yds. I would still claim that a 3.5 MOA red dot at pistol distances is more than adequate.
  15. FFR Spyder GT

    FFR Spyder GT Ex-Gunslinger


    I've got a G35 and I've always wanted to shoot a deer with it but so far I haven't had one to cooperate.

    I understand the pistol scope issue. I have a Ruger Super Redhawk .454 Casull and my 48yo eyeballs need a scope.

    I asked a similar question on a different gun forum and got 3 responses and only one helpful response and at the same time there were 6 threads with over 200 post about Obama's birth certificate.

    I got more useful responses by posting in a car forum.

    You might want to try several places like Gander Mtn, Bass Pro, etc and see which one you like best.

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  16. Thanks for the replies, guys.

    If I could buy a 10mm conversion barrel for my G24, I would in a heartbeat. :)

    I did some Google searching and found lots of discussion about scopes on revolvers. It seems that many people are going with fixed 2x scopes, but the issue is that the objective diameter is only 20mm. I'm pretty sure I'll want larger - at least 32mm. Which means I may be going with a fixed 4 or a 2-7 even though 2x is probably enough for what I'm doing.

    The part that I don't understand is the distance between eye and scope. When I hold my shotgun or rifle in shooting stance, my eye is roughly 4" from the scope. When I hold my pistol in shooting stance, that distance is around 22-24". I just don't understand how seeing through the scope is supposed to work at that distance.
  17. The Scopes designed for pistols have extended eye relief. Shouldn't be a problem with the right scope.

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  18. Ahh. I was wondering what "eye relief" meant. Thanks.
  19. RonS

    Millennium Member

    The advantage of a scope over a red dot is that it helps you see the target. A quality scope doesn't just magnify it seems to add clarity and definition. Hunting squirrels with a scoped .22 is almost un sporting you can see them even if nothing is showing but an eye and a bit of fur. Obviously handgun scopes are less powerful, which is good because there is nothing worse than a strong scope on a gun you can't hold steady.

    Have you considered a .357 Sig barrel? Not as good as a real .357 magnum because of the limited case capacity and bullet weight limitations but it might be fun.

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