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Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by afterglow, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. After years of keeping my G19 in storage, I'm raring to get back to shooting....I've had my gun checked and installed Truglo TFO sights and Crimson Trace laser grips.

    I'm now looking for a gun club/range to join. I live and work in New Manila so some place nearby would be ideal. Based on my research, it seems that P.B. Dionisio & Jethro ranges in SFDM are the closest. How are they??

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  2. Try PBDionisio, mas ok sya compared to Jethro firing range. I've been a Jethro member before but now with PBD indoor firing range. Visit the site if you want, they're both located at San Francisco del monte anyway...:)

  3. oo nga pb dionisio na lang para may kasabay na ako.:)
  4. Royal, any bad experiences w/ Jethro range? I also used to be a member at Jethro but since I relocated to Pasig area, di na ko nakakapunta dun. Meron ba nabago? Di ba mas ok ang outdoor range compared to indoor coz of the air circulation n mas di malakas ang ingay ng putok? I plan to go back to Jethro kasi. thanks in advance
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    the PB range,i feel is better. the have a big parking area that is secure and closed to public view, the people are nice as well.:)
  6. Their outdoor range in Frisco is for me not safe pre. Their backstop is not enough and i think there's danger for ricochet. It is backed-up by high concrete walls and i observed that there are windows above. If you accidentally fire your pistol in 155 to 160 degree upward may hit the windows above which i think have residents. Plus...mahal ang reload ammo nila bro compared to PB..
  7. If you like open bays, you might want to try Armscor marikina...definitely farther than PBD or Jethro but they have 14 firing bays... parking is wide and guarded...range personnel are more than satisfactory and helpful.:)
  8. PBDionisio Range is ok. There is an in-house repair shop in case something goes wrong with your pistol and nice employees/:thumbsup:
  9. Yeah...signed up with PBDionisio yesterday. Range looks okay. Now I just need to source some FMJ reloads while waiting for my Lone Wolf barrel. You guys have a good source for FMJ reloads??
  10. Just buy the components(primed or unprimed shell, fmjs, primers) from Strong Hand along roces ave and bring it to PBDionisio Range and they will load for you using yours or their specs., whichever for about 3.00php per carridge...BTW, PBD range re-load section uses VV powders
  11. sir pb dionisio does that for 8 pesos each.

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