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Recoil springs: flat vs. coil

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Henry's Dad, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Henry's Dad

    Henry's Dad
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    Jun 5, 2011
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    When I bought my G23 (used) several years ago, first thing I did was swap out all springs so I could start fresh with it (not knowing the previous owner's round count, etc).

    At the time, I put in a Lone Wolf stainless guide rod which came with a flat spring.

    Recently, I ordered all new springs from Wolff Gunsprings and decided to try their guide rod/recoil spring set-up. Unlike LW's flat spring, Wolff uses a regular coil spring.

    Is there any particular advantage to the flat spring vs the coil spring design? I seem to recall the Glock OEM captive spring was the flat type.

    FWIW, the gun feels much stiffer with the new coil spring (factory weight), but I'm guessing that's because my old flat spring had lost power after a few years, and now I'm back to OEM spec?
  2. DannyR

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    Dec 17, 1998
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    Can't say without knowing the weight of the Wolff spring you purchased. Stock weight is 18#.

  3. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel
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    Sep 20, 2003
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    :upeyes: Would you like a straightforward answer? :supergrin:

    Wolff Gunsprings are the finest product of their kind in the world! High tensile strength, round wire coil springs hold their strength for much longer and are more flexible and resilient than flat wound springs.

    I, once, asked Dave Koebensky at Wolff, 'Why' they didn't make flat wound springs. Dave's reply? He said,

    'We're a big multi-million dollar company.' 'We can make any kind of spring we want to; but, all of our tests on various brands and types of springs have convinced us that flat wound springs are an inferior product to what we're producing now.' 'So, don't expect Wolff to be selling those things anytime soon.'

    PS: You said that you were using a, 'factory standard' spring. Danny's right! That would be an 18# spring. I suspect you've been using an under-powered spring for a long time. So, I got 'a ask, 'How's it shoot?' ;)

    You do know that Wolff's custom springs go on their steel rods from only one direction - Right! (Small end first)
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