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recoil spring problems continue

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by olympicmotors, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. olympicmotors


    May 24, 2009
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    I have a G-27 with about 1000 rounds through it. With about 200 rounds through it the stock spring assembly failed ( the spring slipped over the lip of the plastic rod and locked up the gun, It was difficult to field strip but I finally was able to get it ), I got a 18 lb all steel wolf assembly on a recommendation of Jack Tippett at a gunshow and I had some failures to eject with cheap Federal practice ammo but never my carry ammo (165 grain gold dots). I switched back to stock power 16 lb Wolf springs and it ran flawlessly for about 400 rounds until last weekend when I noticed the springs seemed to weaken noticeably and i had several failures to return to battery along with light primer strikes.

    I have the replacement stock Glock spring assembly which they replaced promptly when I sent them the original that failed last year, but I no longer trust the plastic guide rod. I guess I will just go back to the 18 lb Wolf assembly and continue to test it with Gold Dots to see if I have any failures.

    I guess my question is have you ever known of a spring to get weak in just a few hundred rounds through the weapon? Do you think using the 18 lb set up is reliable enough with Gold Dots?
  2. JR

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    Dec 29, 1998
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    Oldtown Idaho USA
    It is strange indeed to hear of a spring failure in 200 rds. The plastic rod could fail in 1 or 2 rds but the spring?

    The light primer strikes were more than likely caused by the slide being slightly un-locked (NOT in battery). You can verify by examining the indent left on the primer. It will be off center. This is very common with reloaders because of a cartridge OAL issue or swelled case. I have to tell you, its very rare with a factory round. You mentioned it was a factory round so I would suspect you were shooting 165 HP? It seems the craze is to make a humongous holes in the tip of some of these. This changes the length & profile of the bullet, not to mention the overall cartridge. This further adds to reliability issues such as you have described. My advise is to stick with the ammo that runs flawless (for carry). Shoot everything else at the range & have a blast. All those stoppage issues are sure to polish your reloading skills!

    The heavier spring weights are great when using hot loads. The proof will be in the running. Don’t trust anything until you run a few hundred with no issues..... Regardless of who manufactured the parts.