Recoil: HK45 vs. 1911

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by Paul7, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Paul7

    Paul7 New Guy

    Anybody who has shot both that can comment on the recoil? I hear the HK45 has a recoil reduction system that lessens it.

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  2. The HK45 definately recoils less than an all steel 1911.

    In addition to the HK recoil reduction system, the HK45's polymer
    frame absorbs much of the recoil.

    The HK45 is one of the softest recoiling 45ACP pistols
    that I've ever fired.

  3. The HK 45 isn't as soft shooting as the USP 45. The HK 45 has a polymer buffer instead of the USP's dual spring system.
    I would rate the recoil of the HK 45 as slightly less than a 1911. Considering it's quite a bit lighter than a 1911, that's pretty good.
  4. I would say the HK45 has less felt recoil then a 1911. Its recoil impulse is different too by the inherent differences in the materials of each gun.
  5. Paul7

    Paul7 New Guy

    Thanks. I'd think the wide backstrap would help too.
  6. I have both and the recoil of the HK45 feels like a beaver tailed 1911 with a 20# recoil spring. The HK system must be doing something because the pistol itself is almost a pound lighter than al all steel 1911.
  7. I own both the HK45 and the HK45c and IMO, the HK45c handles a lot better than the full-size. Just something to consider.
  8. I agree. The grips of my HK45 and P30 seem to spread the recoil impulse more uniformly through the hand compared to more conventional grips.
  9. I've owned both the HK45 and HK45c previously. I shot the fullsize better/. I also prev owned an HK USPc45 before.

    Surprisingly enough - the HK45 does have less recoil than an all steel 1911. I was surprised by this since the weapon is obviously lighter. I still shoot a 1911 better, however. But, the HKs are sweet guns.
  10. I must disagree with most here. The HK45 recoil is about the same as a 1911. You must bear in mind that the HK weighs only 28oz; while the 1911 weights 39oz!!! So, technically, the HK45 does recoil less than the 1911, but due to the light weight, it feels the same, if that makes sense to you. Lets put it this way. Due to its lighter weight, it should recoil more than a 1911, but does not, due to the recoil reduction system, and the shape of the grip. Therefore, those features are doing their job, since it ends up recoiling the same ammount as a much heavier pistol.
  11. I disagree - I've taken my Ed Brown stainless 1911 and shot it on the same trip as the HK45 I prev had (even swopping back and forth). The HK45 did have less felt recoil.
  12. +1. My USP45T shoots softer than my HK45 and my HK45 shoots softer than my friends government size Kimber. The differences are not that great and some may have a hard time telling the difference unless they are being shot back to back.
  13. The HK45c feels better than either in my hand. Pointability is similar (great). Recoil is certainly not anything to complain about. The grip on the HK45c feels better than the grip on the USP 45 compact to me.
  14. GreyEclipse

    GreyEclipse TheGreyEclipse

    The HK but the 1911 still feels better in the hand...:whistling:
  15. For comparison I have two HK'S and one nineteen eleven.

    HK 45c
    USP Tactical

    Les Baer Concept VIII

    Both HK's recoil significantly less then the baer.

    Less felt recoil that is.

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