Recoil: .357 Sig vs. .40 S&W at the range

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by MP1983, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. I think recoil is partly psychological. I am a small guy and I feel no difference between my G20 and my buddy's 9mm Beretta. And my buddy's dad is in his 70s and he shakes so bad he can't hit a target, but he fires off my G20 10mm reloads with no problem with a ****eating grin saying [about the G20]: "I LIKE IT!!!".

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  2. The recoil is less in the 115 or 125gr 357 sig than either the 155 or 165gr 40 S&W. The 180 gr 40 is about the same as the sig. Although I have some 40 S&W barrels, I never shoot the 40 anymore. For me it has more to do with the recoil characteristic than raw energy. With the 155 or 165gr 40, the light weight Glock twists in my hand during recoil while the sig goes directly up and back. One of the local LE departments that shoots at my range is have problems with hand and wrist pain which they believe is due to practicing with the 40. They use the Ranger T 165gr load, but they are contemplating a caliber switch.

  3. SCmasterblaster

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    That the muzzle blast of the .357 Sig is very noticeable.
  4. That may be true, but I do not notice any difference with hearing protection on at an outside range over the 40 or 45. The blast is significantly less than the 357 magnum it seeks to copy.
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    True. The .357 Magnum has a ferocious muzzle blast.
  6. The difference in price (given the amount I shoot) is the deal breaker for me between the two rounds. Other than that I could/would shoot/carry either, though I would likely prefer the .40 for the additional bullet weight/size.
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    So the .357 Sig must be an expensive cartridge . . .
  8. I reload .357sig for less money than .40 and slightly more than 9mm. The .357sig uses a little more powder than the 9x19 so that is why it costs slightly more.
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    With a .40-cal rim and body out to the shoulder, I would think that it can hold a LOT more powder than the 9x19. But then again, the .40 case is only one millimeter wider. :upeyes:

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