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Recently Built Glocks Slide Finish

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by duramaxdiesel09, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I have been a Glock freak for a while now and have owned many of them. I recently purchased a G22 Gen4 brand new at the local dealer. The gun they walked out of the back had a huge mark on top of the slide close to the muzzle straight out of the box. I refused that one and told the guy I wanted the one in the display case. He boxed it up and I bought it after inspection. Both of those guns were test fired sometime in mid April. My question is have any of you had problems with the finish on the slide around this test fire date? The finish on my gun has scratches all over it already, and i baby my Glocks. It doesn't seem like the normal Glock finish to me. My 30S was tested mid March, and the finish on it is perfect. I've carried and abused it everyday since I got it and not a single smudge! I held the guns side by side and the 22 slide looks to have a more grey tint of color than the plain black 30S slide.
    Maybe some of you can shed light on this :confused:
  2. AZ Husker

    AZ Husker

    Mar 25, 2003
    Back when they were using Tennifer you could hit them with a chisel. I don't know what they've changed to, but it is not nearly the quality of the recent years.

  3. I saw a lot of blemished Glocks at several gun shops in my area lately. Not sure what Glock is thinking right now. Most will just say, hey it's Glock who cares! I don't listen to that becasue I don't like getting screwed. I'd demand a replacement gun or a perfect refinishing job, with no shipping costs back to the factory to me. Only that way Glock will pull itself together and start producing the guns they are known for again. No wonder the finish quality is going down with all that people saying, "It's a Glock, who cares".

    I think there is a difference between a nice normal wear from use, and getting a brand new gun which has scatches all over it from careless employees and management.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2013
  4. I will just end up calling Glock. The finish on my 30S is perfect, and the test fire date was just a month earlier than the gun I'm having issues with. We will see how it goes.
  5. WayneJessie


    Jan 12, 2013
    No, if you complain about Glock's slipping quality on here you'll be accused of nit-picking or being a troll(whatever a troll is). Since Glock does not use stainless steel for their slides it makes their surface treaments paramount in protecting the gun from rust.
  6. moonwilson


    Jan 22, 2013
    I recently bought a 35 Gen4 and it has the smooth, matte grey finish on it, as opposed to the slightly dimpled, glossy black finish I'm used to. It doesn't look as nice as the old finish, and looks like it might wear off more easily, but time will tell. I'm willing to give the finish the benefit of the doubt and see how it holds up with use.

    One thing that is very obvious about the newer guns is the quality of the magazines that are shipping nowadays. There are mold marks and irregularities all over all 3 of the magazines that came with my pistol. They don't look like the Glock magazines I've been buying and using for years at all. Honestly, they look about as well made as the el-cheapo Korean Glock mags, but they are marked "Austria". It makes me think that Glock was just cranking out high-capacity magazines as quickly as possible in anticipation of the proposed restrictions, and let quality slide. They seem to function just fine, but they sure do look cheap.
  7. I just got off the phone with a tech person at Glock. He said that the "slide finishes have varied". He told me to return the slide, but it would be refinished with the same finish it has now. Turnaround time was at 6 to 8 weeks also. He could not explain why the finish on my 30S was different, only that the slide finishes had varied.
  8. WayneJessie


    Jan 12, 2013
    I think I would just keep it and see haw it holds up. Obviously if you have any corrosion problems in the future Glock will correct it.
  9. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan CLM

    Nov 24, 2005
    Black nitride.......same end result, different combo of chemicals
  10. clarkz71


    Aug 24, 2012
    South Florida
    My 23 year old G19's finish is nicer then some of the
    new Glocks I've seen in my area LGS.

    And it's no safe queen.

  11. WCork


    Feb 15, 2012
    I just bought a NIB Gen 3 G19 last week and noticed a couple dings on the slide. Nothing major but not what I've previously seen when I bought my G26 and 27. My test fired casings show a date of 5/1/13. It's not worth the hassle to me, to send it back to Glock but it better not cause any rust or other issues or ill be ticked.

  12. My Gen4 22 is exactly as you described your 35-- smooth and almost matte grey in color. I'm not happy with the finish at all! I have yet to shoot 100 rounds through it and it has scratches all over the slide. What is the test fire date on your 35? It could be in with the same run as my 22. Glock acts like they haven't changed the finish but something has changed and I don't like it! It seems like they are trying to cut corners to make the manufacturing process quicker in order to make more guns to meet demand. My 30S has the normal textured black finish that we all know, and it's only a month older. I wish some Glock representative would chime in and let us know why.
  13. kenndapp


    May 20, 2012
    same experience as most...... new April test fire g17.

    crappy uneven looking matt grey finish. nasty scrapes near the muzzle end right out of the box. i really don't care because i am chopping this slide up and giving it the finish of my choice. should end looking something like this.....

    but if had not had thees plans for it...i would very very upset to say the least.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2013
  14. MattDFW


    Jun 7, 2009
    My new Glock 19 Gen 3 is arriving tomorrow. Can hardly wait to see the slide finish. Hopefully, it won't be too chewed up already.
  15. Squeeze


    Feb 3, 2011
    Up Nort'
    After reading this thread, I checked my new G23 Gen4,
    against my last year purchased G17 Gen4. The G17 has
    the dimpled black and the G23 has the kind of
    black(more toward charcoal) matte finish. You are not
    alone, I don't like the new finish, either. But I love the
    pistol. I will use it some, and take it to a GSSF match, and
    visit about the differences with a Glock armorer. The G20SF,
    G30SF, G27 Gen3, and the G17 Gen4, have the
    black dimpled finish. I would have preferred this G23 did
    too, but the way it shoots, I can probably live with
    it...Until it gets beat up a bit more. Then explore my

    Last edited: Jun 4, 2013
  16. I will just beat mine to death til I can't stand it anymore and then have it cerakoted. We will see just how good this finish will hold up.
  17. Castello Dunhill

    Castello Dunhill

    Dec 16, 2012
    The new finish is horrible. I would send it out for a Fail Zero or NiB-X finish instead of sending it back to Glock.
  18. Here are some pictures I took to show the differences in the slide texture. Guns built only a month apart. Notice a few of the marks on the G22 slide.



    Some people may accuse me of complaining, but this is just not like a brand new Glock. I've got a 6 year old G19 that doesn't have a mark on it and it was my everyday carry until I got the 30S. I'm starting to see small glitter size spots shining through the finish on the G22. This may be a problem they have to fix on a lot of pistols in the future.
  19. Thanks for posting the pics! That looks terrible for a brand new gun. This is not acceptable IMO.

    Was that scratch mark or whatever it is already there (red arrow) when you bought it, or did you do that?

    Last edited: Jun 3, 2013
  20. tilefish


    Feb 3, 2013
    "High Desert"
    Duramax, I assume the upper picture is the newer/undesirable finish? I have heard about these issues but never actually seen them. I have purchased three NIB Glocks since February and all three have a good, black finish on them like your 30S. The most recent one I purchased had test fire date of less than 3 weeks ago, so its really new lol.