Rear Sight Removal

Discussion in 'General how-To Help Forum' started by stackedup11, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. I recently purchased Truglo Tritium Sights and was wondering if its possible to remove the stock rear sight without the use of and expensive sight pusher?

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  3. ArGyLe64

    ArGyLe64 Argyle Armoring

    Yes. You can use a vise and a soft punch to drift the sights out. As long as you don't pound on them, the glass should hold.

  4. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee Drop those nuts

    Plastic Glock sights go in and out very easily and it can be done with a punch made of such soft material that there'd be no danger of dinging up the slide. Even a wooden dowel pin can remove a plastic Glock sight.

    Putting the new metal sight in though, is a whole different story. Some go in (sort of) almost easy, but some go in so tight that you'd ding up the slide for sure if you don't use a proper sight pusher.
  5. then that being the case would a polymer faced armorers hammer/mallet work with out causing damage?
  6. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee Drop those nuts

    For removal of the old one, no damage to the metal slide, but damage to the plastic sight might happen. But of course plastic Glock sights are so cheap I wouldn't worry about saving the old sight.

    When driving in a new metal sight, you'll find that soft hammers require you to beat a lot harder on it to make anything move. A steel hammer hitting a brass punch will allow you to drive in metal sights without having to hit it so hard, but don't take that as meaning I recommend installing new metal sights with a hammer & punch. I know some guys have gotten lucky that way, but it can just as easily result in dings on both sight & slide. I'd find a sight pusher for the new install.

  7. [ame=""]GLOCK SIGHT INSTALLATION (CLOSE UP) - YouTube[/ame]

    take a look to see "How To" or find a Gunsmith. BTW, take them off yourself, it will be cheaper when you see your Gunsmith.
  8. thank you everyone for the help
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  10. no local pd carries S&W MP .40 not sure about San Diego I might try going to the glock store and see if they will do it but id like to be able to do it myself without spending alot and so i can do it on future projects
  11. You will also need a hex nut tool and loctite for installation of new front sight, unless that was included with new sights.
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  12. i got the front sight tool no loctite but i will be getting some thank you
  13. I have found that putting the slide in the freezer for a while will make sight removal/installation a lot easier.

    When I put TFOs on my G20, I was hesitant to use a hammer, for fear of breaking the tritium vials inside and I really didn't want to purchase an expensive sight pusher or pay someone to install them.

    I made my own pusher by welding half of a nail to a 6 in. C-clamp. I use a padded wood clamp to secure the slide to a table, and use the modified C-clamp to push the sight in or out.

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