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Really wanting a glock !

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by cruzenchris, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. cruzenchris


    Dec 1, 2010
    Well my situation is this. I`m 50, been shooting since I was 10. Until the past few years, i`ve been just an average shooter. But i`ve really begin to train countless hours the past few years, so much to a point that i`m very relaxed, controlled, and smart in my shooting abilities. I own a xdm9 4.5, an xdm9 3.8 compact, a glock 23, and an LC9. I have many, many hours on end shooting my xdm`s and glock. I really have been waiting to get a new G19 gen 4 to carry and train with. The problems they were having when they came out are the same problems that they are still having even with newer models with all the supposed updated parts. I`m just at a roadblock when it comes to purchasing it. I`ve been waiting and waiting for Glock to go back to the tried and trued models like my 23, which is flawless. Wishful thinking on my part I guess. Another reason i`ve been waiting is, when a company comes out with a new model, i know from experience it takes time to work out the kinks. I`m taking this as just that. Just bothers me that Glock knows whats really wrong but not moving to fast on this problem. Yea I know, change the spring, extractor, ejector. But I, like many feel theres more to it, like ejection ports and sizes and angles, and trigger housings. I do not limp wrist, i shoot correctly as far as grip, stance. Although i dont post often on this forum, I do check it everyday. I just feel i had to say my thoughts in hope anyone would have some encouraging words for me. Thanks
  2. CharlieDelta127


    Sep 10, 2012
    Don't be scared to make the purchase on a Gen 4 G19. I recently bought a Gen 4 G23, and have had ZERO issues with it. Nothing with the recoil spring, ejector, extractor etc... Not one problem. I honestly feel that the issues are slowly being corrected by Glock. Unless I got lucky, and got a G23 that is immune to the Gen 4 problems.

    Mind you, my G23 has had no upgrades to it (extractor, ejector, spring, etc.)

    You'll be fine buying a Gen 4 G19... Don't worry.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2012

  3. Ocean_glocker


    Sep 21, 2011
    Atlanta, Ga
    I have a gen 4 26, 19 and 17, all late models (built in last 8 months) and have had zero issues with any of them
  4. DocWills


    Mar 11, 2012