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    WOWZA...that is a sweet finish there megawatt.

    I have always wondered about the Vang Comp barrel work. I have read many reports from those that have had it done to their 870's mostly. Everyone seems to rave about the performance when they get it back.

    The one I looked at and am interested in is exactly like the one in that link from Vang. The Vang 590A1 is about $250 more than the factory model in my local store. Do you all really think it's worth the extra money? That would buy a helluva lot of practice ammo that you could get really good with that 590A1 with. You could also just about pay for a weekend shotgun class if you chose to go that way. I would like to take one of those classes someday though. If for no other reason than it would be much more fun to get accustomed to your shotgun by firing and practicing at interesting targets and scenarios rather than go to your local range or piece of land, get out a couple boxes of Wally 100 round paks, set up a couple paper targets, some cinderblocks, 2 liter bottles, an old door or 2, some drywall and anything else you can rummage up and just start shooting for several hours.

    Anyway, what's your verdict on the Vang Comp barrel work on the 590A1? Worth the extra or not?

    Thanks for the info.


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  2. The one advantage would be smaller groups as you distance yourself from the target. The second is the ported barrel reducing muzzel rise.

    You can always have it done later if you want to. It costs $255 to have the barrel back bored and ported if you send it to Vang yourself.

  3. The actual Vang Comp shot gun has lengthening the forcing cone, back-boring the barrel, and adding compensating ports, ghost ring sights, all metal trigger group, synthetic stock, aluminum oversized safety and the barrel has a parkerized finish.

    The porting of the barrel looks like this:

    Two of my favorites:

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  4. So - in the pic with a bottle of Vodka, we also see a photo where the poster clearly has the business end pointed right at his chest...


    These were originally taken as part of the "Example of how not to handle a firearm" series, right? :rofl:
  5. And you are impressed by the 590 because, it is impressive. See how that works?

  6. If the owner of a firearm unloads and clears his weapon, and is absolutely certain it's unloaded and unchambered, does an unsafe condition exist when he takes his photograph?
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  7. My 500 is pretty good, although I like my older 870 better. I agree on the new 870's though, they suck.

    I've never really messed with a 590, not sure what the difference is between that and a 500.
  8. I had it pointed at the camera, not my chest. You assumed too much.
  10. ^^ Thanks for that, I always wondered. Now I have to figure out what tube it has. I got it used and it has a slug barrel with rifle sights and a pistol grip(not a fan) I also got the bird barrel and original wood stock with it, but haven't put it on yet. I'm looking at an AR style collapsing stock to replace the lame pistol grip, I've never been able hit anything beyond about 10 yds with one, and they're downright unpleasant to shoot.

    Does anyone know a good source for ghost ring sights for the 500? I've always liked those better then the buckhorn style rifle sights. But maybe I should just get a 590A1 and convert the 500 back to hunting trim.
  11. You cannot go wrong with a 590A1. I got mine a few months back and got a great deal at gun show for the Blackwater model. Holds 8 in tube and one in chamber plus 4 more in speedfeed stock; gun is very solid, shoots great a little low until I adjusted the ghost ring sights but now right on. Gun is heavy but not great issue its not a field gun I have Berettta 20 gauge for that.

    My recommendation is buy the 590A1!

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