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really bad internet problems

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by jcs71, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. jcs71


    Sep 16, 2005
    Hi there. We, my mom and I, really have a severe problem with either our Comcast high-speed internet and/or our computers.
    The problem is when we try to load up a web page like Glocktalk or anything with type of graphics, the page will only load partially and not the graphics. Sites like Amazon or Barnes and Nobles are almost impossible to load. It will stop loading part of the way through it. It will only load what is typed on the page, not the graphics. I know it sound like a media player problem but we ran 3 diagnostics on this particulair computer and everthing checks out 100%.
    As I am typing this it says 26 items remaining to download. It will sit there like that for a very long time.
    We bought a battery back-up just in case it was inconsistant current flowage. Our friend had this problem with the current going into his computer and the back-up stabalized the current and his problem went away. Didn't work for us.
    My mom even reprogrammed this computer completely and it still has this problem. All this started 2 weeks ago. At first it was just slow to load everything, but at that time it would load graphics. Then it started having problems with the graphics, and now only loads what is typed.
    Now here is the kicker. It will load the CNN homepage completely and I think, the Yahoo page as well.
    Does anybody have any ides that would cause this? PLEASE HELP!
  2. Singlemalt

    Singlemalt In the rough

    Apr 6, 2004
    Well, first tell me the status of your pc. Is it fairly current on processor speed and RAM?

    Next, are you directly connected to your modem or a router/wireless router?

    You said your mom reprogrammed. Is that a formate and clean install or can you describe in more detail?

  3. As always first tell us: the amount of computer memory (RAM), hard drive size, CPU type and speed, version of Windows, any anti virus, spyware, adware, mal ware checkers, firewall software etc.

    What happened a few weeks ago that might have started this problem?

    Did you install any software that came with your high speed internet connection package?

    Why would a Media Player problem effect your web browser's speed of operation?

    Check the firewall settings, if you have one, and your web browser's safe list, loading one site and not another is most likely a settings issue.

    On the outside chance you have an infection on the PC, check your anti-virus, spyware, malware, adware software to see if it is current, if you have any running at all.
  4. Define "high speed internet". I'm guessing that it's broadband cable being from Comcast but I don't know if they offer other connections such as dial up, satellite and DSL. Sometimes dial up is called "high speed" and cable is called "broadband". If you have any Comcast soft software installed you might want to uninstall it even if it's "free". if you are using a router unplug all of the connections and powder and let it sit 10 or 15 mintues.
  5. jcs71


    Sep 16, 2005
    It is current on processor speed. Right now it says 1.99ghz, 1.00 gbof ram. It also says celeron(r) 2.00ghz. That is what it says when I go to my computer and pull up properties. In the hard drive it says we have a total of 35.0 gb and of that 28.1 gb is free.

    We are hooked directly to the modem. It is braodband through Comcast. Sometimes it freezes when loading the pages other times it doesn't. When it does freeze it won't load the graphics and straighten the headers. Once and a while it will work for a short time like it is currently but it will mess up again.

    Please bear with me I am not too computer literate when it comes to the lingo, I just browse the net.

    Apperently the reprogramming that she did was to unistall and restall the panda anti-virus and she had problems doing that. she did run the anti virus and one was detected and removed. Then it kept saying that she didn't have certain programs on the computer when in fact she did have those programs in question already installed. I thought she did more than that, I guess not. She did say that the computer did not want to boot up when you first start it up and she would have to go into utility repair to start up it cold. That is what she told me. It still doesn't explain the internet problems, but I guess it could be related like a chain of events type thing.
  6. srhoades


    Jul 14, 2000
    My guess would be spyware/adware stealing your bandwidth. One thing you can try is to open up internet explorer and reset it to its defaults, see if that helps.
  7. jeanjvr


    Mar 8, 2004
    All I can think of, apart from the really obvious computer troubles that you descibe, is this:

    Check to see if your computer isn't using some weird manually configured proxy server to connect through to the internet. You say it loads some pages quickly and others take ages.

    I assume you use IE which is fine, if you: don't run activeX plugins, have Service Pack 2 installed and a antivirus application running.

    Tools> Internet Options > Connections > Lan Settings
  8. jcs71


    Sep 16, 2005
    Hey, thanks for the responses. We'll give those a try and see what happens. Thanks again.:thumbsup: