Reaction on Celiabinsk meteorite in different countries

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  3. Think Russians are a bit jaded?

  4. In Russia they have bunch of jokes about toughness of Chelibinsk dwellers, like:

    Chelibinsk rapers are so tough , that they go perform in front of KKK members
    Cheliabinsk hairdressers are so tough, that clients visit them with their helmets on.
    Cheliabinsk birds are so tough, that they don't fly to South, they walk there on foot.
    Cheliabinsk satanists are so tough, that Satan afraid to answer their call
    Cheliabinsk men are so tough, that they shave with chain saw. An so and so...

    And new one - Cheliabinsk dwellers are so tough, that instead of snow, they have meteorites falling on them in winter. :)
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