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Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by mikegun, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Can anybody say weather or not KIMBER has done anything within the last 5 years, or so, to improve the quality of their lightweight 1911s, EG, jamming and FTF issues?

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  3. ipscshooter

    ipscshooter Mostly IDPA now

    Nice cast.

  4. Why do you feel he is trolling? I have heard very mixed reviews of the Kimber products. Some love them with no problems and some dont like them with nothing but problems. I have always wanted a Kimber and recently bought my first 1911 and chose a TRP due to these grumblings. I believe the man has a valid question. :dunno:

    But then again I am a 1911 newb! :embarassed:
  5. fasteddie565

    fasteddie565 Combat Diver

    I have owned over a dozen kimbers and a few High End 1911's (Ed Brown KC, Wilson Combat).

    Here is what I do to solve those problems.

    None of the 7 I own now have any feeding issues what so ever.

    Unless you own them and shoot them, you are just perpetuating a rumor. I have read of folks having issues with TRP's as well. But that's all I can say about them as I have never owned one.
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  6. Impressed with my old (pre problems) Kimber compact, my wife brought home an Ultra Raptor II CS. I swore up and down that she had wasted her money. That was two years ago and the *%(*^% thing has het to have a failure.
  7. Mine runs 100% on HP, LRN and LSWC.
  8. Thanks guys, i had two years ago, at first no probs at all, then all hell went wrong many jamming issues,just wanted to see if anyone had late issues, saw one last week i liked...
  9. texmex

    http:// only have one Kimber. It is a Talo Diamond Grade. The only problem I have had is a pin working its way loose in the rear sight. All I had to do was bugger it up a little and drive it back in and it has stayed put ever since. It is very nice looking and shoots very well. A great barbeque gun.
  10. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    One word of advice, not buy a light weight frame 1911 that
    does not have a ramped barrel! It may shoot fine when new, but
    over time the frame's ramp will wear. The only fix is having a ramped
    barrel fitted, or having a stainless ramp insert fitted. Both not cheap to get done.
  11. ipscshooter

    ipscshooter Mostly IDPA now

    The original posters follow up post seems to indicate he wasn't trolling. First post stuck me as that way.

    There is a tremendous amount of Kimber bashing on the INTERNET. Thought he was joining the party.

    I have several Kimbers dating from a 1996 Clackamas gun to a 2012 Ultra Aegis. Haven't had one problem with any of them. They all ran fine out of the box and continue to do so.

    They are 3", 4" and 5" varieties. A 3" and 4" CDP .45 without ramped barrel run just fine, and have for some time. The 3" having been used for several classes and off and on carry for 10 years. Both have been shot in the last month without issue.

    My sample may be small relative to the 50k guns Kimber makes per year, but they have been shot quite a bit.

    All these guns were properly cleaned and generously lubed BEFORE they were shot the first time.

    They get springs replaced when required and I always make sure they are run with decent gun oil. I use good magazines and ammo, and maintain a proper grip when shooting.

    I'm not saying Kimber hasn't had a few screw ups with slide stops, out of adjustment extractors, etc., but I really believe the bulk of the issues reported are not the fault of the gun.

    Truth is, if the parts are in spec, and properly installed, there isn't much even Kimber assembly people can screw up, short of out of adjustment extractor.
  12. fasteddie565

    fasteddie565 Combat Diver

  13. I bought a Kimber Super Carry Ultra about 1 1/2 years ago. It wouldn't feed reliably so I did the usual routine. I tried different magazines, and went through the "500 round break-in". It still wouldn't feed reliably, so I sent it back to Kimber. Almost 2 months later they sent it back to me, and it jammed on the first feed.

    I took it back to the dealer, told them about the issues, and traded it on a Springfield.
  14. I gotcha IPSCshooter! :wavey:
  15. I have two newer cdp's and not had one issue even in the "break in period".
  16. I have a friend with a Kimber 3", don't know what model, it has a full grip though and when we went to the range, to my surprise it ran 100%.
  17. For what it is worth I had a Kimber ultra carry II that did not like to feed any type of hollow point ammo. I tried some of the suggestions people have mentioned, but ended up trading it for a Glock 26 as a daily carry.
  18. I have had zero issues with my 2 Kimbers.
  19. I have three Kimbers, a 5" Custom Target SS Series l, a SS Ultra Carry, and a SS Pro Carry both series ll. Had a few problems with the 5" that turned out to be a magazine problem. Had to tweak the sear spring on the Pro Carry to reduce the amount of pressure required to deactivate it. The 3" has had zero problems. I have used the 4" & 5" guns to shoot single stack and limited ten in USPSA, the 3" has a couple dozen IDPA matches under it's belt. Haven't found any of them to be ammunition sensitive. There's been a bunch of Montana Gold HP and MBC 200gr LSWCs through them without any issues. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one if I felt the need for another 1911.
  20. No, new springs were installed, i was told it was due to the guns having external extractors.
  21. I have three 5" Kimbers, an Ultra Raptor, an Ultra CDP II, and a Pro CDP II. I have put Per. defense ammo, white box Win., and many 200gr. lswc through them all. Proper cleaning and lube is the key. I couldn't be happier with any of them.

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