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(Re)Adjusting to midnights

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by msu_grad_121, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. frizz


    Jul 6, 2012
    That is more than sucky, it is harmful to the body.

    I understand that the nature of the work requires just dealing with it, but why does management implement a bad system from the start?

    Managers of business are slowly starting to learn how to better implement rotating shifts. These changes have helped reduce costly accidents and errors. Employee turnover also goes down along with sick days.
  2. Metro566

    Metro566 Gunfighter

    May 27, 2011
    I've been on graveyard shift for years...I absolutely love nights. I'm a total "hunter" type and love the cover of's more challenging and the **** sacks come out of hiding at night

    I have never had these headaches...I have, however, drag ass on day one back from my days off.

  3. I am trying to reduce my caffeine intake, which is difficult to do. I normally drink 1-2 12 ounce cokes before work (35mg each), have a 32 ounce while working (90mg), and top it off with an Xenergy (180mg). I've had slow nights where I've been nodding of while drinking an energy drink.

    Today I've had 1 can of coke, and two cans of mountain dew, for a total of 139mg.

    I am going to try to get rid of caffeine completely and see if it helps at all.

    I prefer nights and graveyards and will do anything to avoid day shift.
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  4. msu_grad_121

    msu_grad_121 BOOSH

    Sep 16, 2009
    NW Burbs
    UPDATE: First of 5 back last night, had a DD coffee on the way in, steady all night, no headache whatsoever. Got a wicked workout in right after work, slept for a legit 6 1/2 hours, had to fight the urge to eat everything in the fridge.

    So apparently it's caffeine and exercise that's the trick. At least so far, for me. :wavey:
  5. Schaffer


    Feb 18, 2012

    This. I can sit at the station all day and not leave but can't be inside for long. I'm usually out my whole shift at night.

    I also drink two much coffee and can't sleep when I get right home usually.
  6. Remember, caffeine is not just in coffee, Mt. Dew and all the common items you think of when looking for caffeine. That Excedrin has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Some pain relivers can also cause rebound headaches, which give you headaches as you quit taking them.

    It sounds like your issue is caffeine related and good for you for getting a handle on it.
  7. steveksux

    steveksux Massive Member

    Jul 12, 2007
    Caffeine withdrawl can cause headaches too... if the headaches come when you haven't had it for a while that might be the issue. Short term hair of the dog will help fix that, but the long term solution is to wean yourself off it, keep it occasional rather than a steady diet of it.