RCMP: Lack of gun registry ‘challenging’

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by 4Rules, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. OTTAWA — As it prepares to destroy millions of long-gun records, the RCMP says the Conservative government’s decision to scrap the registry will make it tougher to trace firearms used to commit crimes.

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  3. It's funny I can't remember them ever showing proof the registry solved one single crime.

  4. Glockdude1

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  5. That's correct. Not one.
  6. Jerry

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    Canadian just dropped its registry program because after spending millions they realized it did not assist is solving one crime.
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  7. A registry will solve millions of crimes when private gun ownership becomes illegal.
  8. Ha...! Everybody knows that when private gun ownership ceases to exist there will no longer be any crime. :whistling:
  9. OTTAWA – Ontario is telling sellers of shotguns and rifles to keep paper records of all the people who buy long guns at their stores — a move one firearms advocate is calling a “back-door” long-gun registry.
  10. Jerry

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    Sounds like Washington DC and Illinois. They think they are above the law.
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  11. Ontario Provincial Police will continue to maintain records of all firearms sales and who bought them, but say this not an attempt to create a provincial long gun registry.
  12. OTTAWA - The public safety minister has called on provincial chief firearms officers (CFOs) to put their back-door long-gun registries through the shredder. "To me it makes no difference whether you collect information on paper or electronically," Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, said Wednesday. "If C-19 covers that type of data, it is to be destroyed."
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  13. IhRedrider

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    Very true, why else would you want a registry?
  14. Hour13

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    I'm too damn lazy to do it, but it'd be interesting to see a complied accounting of gun-related crimes. Crimes solved due to the registry information -vs- crimes solved without.

  15. Untrue! They spent billions! :rofl:
  16. Excellent. The rcmp is no different than any other bureaucratic leo... they want to have access to everything they can get access to, whether or not it means a thing in actually solving any crime. It's not about solving crime. It's about access... and control. Excellent decision to strip them of this information.
  17. ...Justin Trudeau’s weekend assertion that the long-gun registry was a “failure” is accurate. While the mechanics of the registry were made to work — albeit at prohibitive cost — the spirit of the policy is beyond redemption....The gun registry...belongs to a more recent and, in the eyes of many Liberals, prouder past. It should not lack for champions in the leadership line-up....
  18. OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper says his government is unhappy with recommendations from its firearms advisory committee that would further relax the gun laws. Documents obtained by the Coalition for Gun Control reveal the committee advising Public Safety Minister Vic Toews wants some prohibited weapons, including hand guns and assault rifles, reclassified to make them more easily available.
  19. Berto

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    It was such a great program, too.

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