Rate the top 4 semi-custom builds

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by GOOFA, Oct 6, 2012.

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  2. And your point is?

  3. Was the sarcasm too thick? :cool:
  4. Simply put, when I put out $2000 for a 1911 such as my Les Baer I would like my bushing to perform similar to other 1911's costing hundreds less to hundreds more. I'm not the only one to experience this. The same goes for the slide release, Les will tell you it's normal and that you need to purchase one of his Pachmayer widgets to insert the slide release without damaging the frame. I have 1911's ranging from $550 to $3500 and they do not exhibit this. Also, I've seen finishes much better than LB on 1911's that cost less.
    I think LB is one of the best semi custom 1911's for the price as far as performance for the dollar goes, but I don't appreciate the insanely tight bushings and I shouldn't have to eff with the slide release for a $2000 1911.
  5. I prefer Wilson overall and have a new one on order right now. I just prefer the overall combo of quality, build choice, customer service and reputation. The two I currently own have no complaints from me.

    I think Brown builds the best looking 1911 bar none. Great quality as well. I only have 1 Brown but would buy a second without hesitation.

    The Baer I had was a 4 1/4" TRS, to me it was not as well built or reliable as the Wilson or Brown 1911s. I have read that Baer <5" have issue so that might be the reason mine had issues. It was built overly tight IMO. I would buy a Baer again but only a 5" model.

    Never had a GI or SF Custom but have read great things. :)
  6. Again, Baer builds guns to last and to be shot. I remember a thread of a guy that had over 25K through his on another forum and yep the bluing had worn but it wasn't rusting. Maybe Baer doesn't care about the finish because he figures many won't even wear through the most fragile of finishes. Just curious....How about yours? Please post pics of yours after 2K rounds.... I'm curious as to how bad it really is. I will say that Baer does offer different finishes and they ARE as cheap if not cheaper than other semi-customs when you walk out the door.

    Accuracy is what you get for that tightness that gives you so much trouble. Dunno what to tell you if it bothers you that much. Would you agree that they are some of THE most accurate stock 1911s out there? Hopefully the basics of how 1911s work relay that you can't have something for nothing.

    To put it simply, I'll listen to criticisms that (insert brand here) is not accurate, reliable, etc. But the comments about finishes and worrying about breaking nails when you strip it crack me up.
  7. :animlol:

  8. I agree!!!


    Perhaps learning an alternative disassembly/assembly method would help....no "widgets" required:supergrin:

  10. Rinspeed

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    If the bushing tightness bothers you that much it's a very simple fix.
  11. Officer's Match

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    Well, sort of... My SACS is from 1991 and it is as Brian mentioned "Baer-tight". 'Course that could be because Les ran SACS at that time.

  12. GVFlyer

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    Using the marginal utility, iTunes descriptor - in this case not how often I play the tune, but how often I shoot the gun:

    1. Wilson Combat.
    2. Ed Brown
    3. Les Baer
    4.Nighthawk Custom.

    I have to agree with the others who have stated that Les Baer offers best value.

    I know that this doesn't count, but I find that I shoot this hard chrome Colt .38 Super more than any of the above listed guns.

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    Out of curiosity, why would you not place Ed Brown in your top 4?
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  14. NEOH212

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    I agree 100% About the only difference I've seen between these manufactures (aesthetics aside) are the levels of refinement. All shoot very well, are super accurate and dead nuts reliable.

    I must say I'm disappointed with Nighthawk. I've handled and shot a few of them and I'm just not impressed. The fit and finish on the ones I fired wasn't what I'd expect on a gun with that kind of price tag.

    They also didn't seem to be the most reliable and that's something I would not tolerate in a gun that costs over $3,000.

    The Ed Brown I once had never malfunctioned once through the several thousand rounds I ran through it. That's not counting what the previous owner fired out of it.

    Nighthawk makes some nice stuff but IMHO, they are not on par with Wilson, Brown or any of the other big boys. They a high end production gun with a custom price tag with Kimber reliability, fit and finish.

    In other words, they have a long way to go before I'd drop the coin they are asking for.

    I know that comment will piss some people off but that was my experience with two separate guns from Nighthawk.

  15. You guys have heard my gripes about Nighthawk so I won't recite them again.
    Let's just say after my experience with Nighthawk I would rate them just below Kimber.
  16. Ouch!
  17. Wilson
  18. glock2740

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    The Lady calls it likes she see's it. And I agree with her. :cool:
  19. Bac....
    At least Kimber didn't accuse me of lying, their 1911 had the features they promised, and I didn't have to read about what parts they supply that they don't warranty.
  20. I've only shot Baers, Nighthawks, and Wilsons, so those are my only basis for comparison. All three impressed me. I own a Baer, a Custom Carry with the 1.5" guarantee. The finish is starting to wear a little, but frankly, I think a worn blued 1911 looks a hell of a lot better than one that stays murdered-out for its lifetime. It's also not nearly as tight as a non-1.5" gun; that seems to be a common report.

    It has been the most reliable gun I've owned. It's gone 2000 rounds without cleaning, ate everything it's been fed, and failed exactly zero times since I bought it. It doesn't have the cosmetic appeal of a Wilson or a NHC, but that works for me. The gun just runs.

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