Rasmussen: Romney Now Ahead in FL & VA, Just 1% Behind in OH

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Paul7, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Paul7

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  2. QNman

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    I'm tickled to see the bounce, but it will not last beyond the next debate unless Romney can go beat him like a rented mule again.

    However, there is a spark of hope - two more wins, he can win this contest.

  3. Cavalry Doc

    Cavalry Doc MAJ (USA Ret.)

    Barry dropped his credibility. No surprise here.
  4. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    Barry had credibility?

    (MAN, I love my single malt) :drunk:

    LASTRESORT20 LongTerm-Guy


    Close :supergrin: ^^^

    ...Actually berry never had "credibility" ....More and more folks are starting to understand and realize this...

    Romney will be ready for round 2 with the community organizer.... Romney owns/Knows berry and his `likes` well.....

    The "VP" debate should be fun get ready.......:supergrin:
  6. And... now you believe the polls again. Will wonders never cease?
  7. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    I don't know about anyone else, but oversampling is a big "no-no". Rasmnussen - the poll in question - was one of very few that is not accused of such.

    But you knew that.... nice try at a strawman.
  8. Go change your panties, featherlicker.
  9. I think it is just people showing that, no matter how they try and cook the numbers thye can't completely hide all of the truth.

    BTW, the meds kick in and bring your blood pressure down, finally, since the debate?

    Has the drooling stopped yet?
  10. G29Reload

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    Well, what is it?
  11. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    Glenlivet. My personal poison of choice.
  12. While this is good news for Romney, in all three polls, Romney is within the margin of error -- but Romney needs to win Virginia AND North Carolina AND Ohio AND Florida just to have a chance. If Obama wins one of these states, it's over.
  13. Ok I bite what is it you are trying to insinuate here?
  14. Purely from a personal standpoint, I never believed any of the polls in regard to Virginia. I just sense much more enthusiasm here for a Romney/Ryan ticket than the opposition.

    I could be wrong, but that's just my personal take...

  15. Cavalry Doc

    Cavalry Doc MAJ (USA Ret.)


    Are you guys kidding? Barry had tons and tons of credibility, he was the liberal messiah that was going to stop the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. The liberals believed every word.

    The trick is in realizing that he deserved the credibility he had about as much as he did that nobel peace prize.
  16. Cavalry Doc

    Cavalry Doc MAJ (USA Ret.)

    Not really. No one believes the Dems will turn out in the same numbers they did in 2008. It'll be closer to 2010.
  17. Diesel McBadass

    Diesel McBadass Tactically Epic

    i want mitt "chainsaw" romney to rip him apart the next 2 times, and with a ryan win thrown in no problem winning this thing
  18. G29Reload

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    Meh. MAcallan 12/18. Balvenie.

    Bourbon. Single barrel. Stagg, vanWinkle. Eagle 17.
  19. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    He won by 50,000 votes here in 2008.

    So, we just need 25,001 to switch.

    I saw clusters around the college towns, while I'll never root for VA Tech again. Plus the usual suspects.

    It's getting ugly up north here. I'm seeing too many obama signsÂ…depressing. Its the refugees from MD, not content to have screwed up where they were, so they move here where its better and start doing the same s@$%. Idiots.
  20. Diesel McBadass

    Diesel McBadass Tactically Epic

    Any debate predictions coming up, i know obobo will stink like always but how do you think moderaton will go, dont really know the moderators

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