Rare G30 9 round mag... Need opinion?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by MSims, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. So even before the frenzy of panic buying these G30 9 round mag was hard to get since they discontinued making them... But why they are awesome with and without a pinky extension an ultimate CCW setup...

    I have one mag that i dont need... I would like to trade it for maybe 2 9mm mags for the G30 9 round mag... You think its fair or you think im not being fair?

    I understand if it was a G30 10 round mag that is everywhere then the trade wouldnt be fair but these 9 round mags you cant find anywhere even before the craziness...

    So am i fair or not fair... Thanks for honest opinions...


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  3. Not fair. Glockpolishing on Ebay has them for around $38.00 shipped. You won't find a 9mm mag on the bay for that price. Cheapest is around $50

  4. Why not just put a 20/21 baseplate on the 10-round 30 mag??
  5. It has the pinky extension on it also...
  6. Your right just saw it on there...
  7. What does?

    If you put a 21 baseplate on a 30 10-round mag, would it not make the mag fit flush, and give you 9 rounds?

    I'm not saying it'll work, because I haven't actually tried, but it seems like it would make sense... The extension on the 10-round 30 mag seems to be just like any of the other extensions out there, but it's just shaped to be a pinky extension.
  8. No u can't make it a 9 round mag the mag is to long and the baseplate is actually flush on the 10 rounder even though it looks like an extension...
  9. cadillacguns

    Millennium Member

    Me neither, I could be, may be, sometimes am, but I dont think a G-30 ten rounder can be made into a nine rounder or vis versa with simple base plate changes.The mag bases are different for their respective base plates to fit.

    I bought a bunch of 9 and 10 rds G-30 mags, and dont own a .45.

    Wanting a G-30s though!
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  10. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    The pictures below illustrate the difference between the G30 10-rnd and 9-rnd mags. The factory 9-rnd mag is the only way to have a flush fit mag for the G30.

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  11. Ahh, I stand corrected!
  12. nice pics...very helpful...I may have to look into the Pearce G30 floor plates...thanks...


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