Rapid City, South Dakota here!

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  1. Hey everyone. My name is Charles and I just purchased my G21 a week ago and the day after competed with it in an IDPA match. I was nervous about new gun/new results. BUT! Very quickly I learned and gave the pistol my trust. I am seriously impressed with its feel, accuracy, reliability and ease of use. I have always taken a while to get the feel of a new gun, this was a matter of two courses, totaling about 40 seconds of shooting to get the feel of this pistol. So having this great weapon in my ownership now only makes me feel I have made a good decision and want to boast to everyone!!

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  3. Congrats and welcome!

  4. welcome to the forum.
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  6. :welcome: and congrats
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
  8. Welcome to GT!
  9. :wavey:from Troy,Michigan
  10. Welcome from the Other side Of The River! :welcome:

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