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Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by actionpup, Feb 16, 2009.

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    A buddy mentioned their shop in Shelby so I drove over to see what they had in stock today. Sadly, what I found was a rude owner, clueless employees and overpriced stock.

    I had some cash burning a hole in my pocket and inquired about the AR57 on the rack. The employee couldn't answer any of my questions except for the price mentioning that it was "$1500...very high." Then I inquired about the case of 2000 rounds of 5.7x28 sitting in the floor. The owner sharply snapped from a few feet away, "It's high...high!" I forced myself to smile and thanked him. Then he added, "$1000...it's armor piercing so it's high."

    I was holding my young son while inquiring and I suppose they thought the price of diapers prohibits me from being able to afford anything they had. I must say, if that was their thinking, they were clearly mistaken.

    Well, since they were so adamant about it being high, I thought I would let them keep what they had. :steamed: I certainly don't want to purchase anything that is "high."

    When I go into a store to spend money, I fully expect folks to answer my questions and be respectful. I don't want their opinions of what they think I can spend. I find such rude and obnoxious. I dress so as not to stand out nor draw attention. I also don't lean on the counter telling tall tales like so many customers do. I keep to myself until I want a question answered or until I am ready to negotiate a purchase.

    I will add, if anyone is looking they have several AR15s and some tactical gear in stock. Don't expect to be treated well however and don't be surprised about their "sticker" prices.

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  2. Forget them and their ****ty attitudes. If you find the rifle cheaper elsewhere, buy it and take it in there to show off the deal you got and ask why theirs costs so much more.

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    LOL. I won't be gracing their doorway with my presence again. Appreciate your thoughts however. Poor customer service is the quickest way to lose me as a customer. While I would gladly rub their nose in a better deal elsewhere, they know they are gouging their customers as well as being asshats.
  4. It just amazes me how badly some dealers treat potential customers. Their loss!
  5. Pawn shops suck.

    That is all.
  6. "American Tactical & Pawn"...name says it all.
  7. There is a pawn shop here in Durham that I use for Gun Genie purchases. They consistently low-ball the price by $20-$50 to keep customers, so I will almost always buy through them. Good guys. Their in-house rifles and shottys are a little pricey, but no more than most gun shops.
  8. What pawn shop is it?
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience. I will have to be sure and not buy anything from them.
  10. Good for you for posting what an awful experience you had with these a@@hats! Glad I don't live near them in NC. They wouldn't be getting any of my business.
  11. Carolina Jewelry and Pawn, on Roxboro Road, about 2 blocks north of I-85. The guys there are nice and professional, seem to know their stuff and their limitations. The call when the gun arrives, the paperwork takes less than 10 minutes on a busy day.
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    American Tactical & Pawn
    800 S Dekalb St
    Shelby, NC 28150

    It's located near Lowe's and beside Dairy Queen.

    As for pawn shops, they are the primary location we find FFLs around here. There are a few dedicated gun shops but they are the exception. I agree...bummer! I moved to NC several years ago in the Asheville greater area from a state that had numerous gun shops to enjoy. Still can't get used to it.

    Glad the post was helpful.

    Take care,
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    Thanks for that info. Wish I had checked them out while I was there. Will have to check them out soon.
  14. Go to The Great Outdoors in Cherryville, NC. They have a great stock in all types of firearms and are very nice to deal with. Cherryville is near Shelby. Also if you do go in there Jason is the best to deal with, I think he knows more about firearms. But all of them are nice.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Will definately give them a visit.
    Thanks again!
  16. This is my first post. I just wanted to defend American tactical. There is no way that you were talking to tim, the owner. If you were then I am truly astounded at how you were treated. Tim is truly a first class guy. Not only that, but tim always has the best prices on glocks. He works with you and in most cases, will get you out of the door fifty dollars cheaper than anywhere else, including cherryville, or shooters ex in mt holly. If I were you, I would call up American tact, ask for tim or keith. Tell them that you are not satisfied with your experience and I assure you they will be concerned. Rather than blackflagging them And calling them names. I think you
    Will get farther this way. Just my 2 cents. And thanks for
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    While you are right about it not likely being the owner of the shop, I stand behind my not returning to their store and my report of poor customer service and high prices. Since I had such a pitiful experience, I only know what the stickers say. I don't know about a negotiated price as the poor excuse for salesmen I tried to get information from either couldn't answer my questions or simply blew me off.

    I recently learned it was likely a relative of the owner whom he employs who had the chip on his shoulder. I have also learned the poor attitude I experienced is reportedly often complained about yet there he is running people off. I hold the owner responsible as he employs his relative and is ultimately responsible for what goes on there.

    In business, customer service is often more important that pricing. Folks get one chance to make a first impression and my impression of that shop is not good to say the least. If the owner wants customers, return customers, and loyalty, I highly suggest he get a handle on his staff, including relatives.

    I have served in executive positions in the business, medical and public service worlds. I have high customer service standards and I expect to be treated well when I consider departing with my hard-earned cash.

    American Tactical & Pawn seriously screwed up and I have every right in warning others of my experience. Sorry you disagree. Further, those who read this thread will read your comments as well and they can make their choices accordingly.

    On a more upbeat side note, welcome to GT.
  19. Thank you,
    Glad to be here.
  20. Hello to all! I have been reading these forums for some time now and this topic really sparked my interest to join and throw in my two cents. ATP Inc. is an outstanding gun shop with knowledgeable employees and fair pricing. I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience there but I promise you it is not normally like that. Maybe the employ was having a bad day (no excuse to be rude I understand that...) I would also assume that when he meant high he meant that it was expensive in general not that their pricing on it was outrageous. Tim and Keith are both outstanding business men. They have been partners for over 20 years and have never failed at any business venture. I ensure you that if you talk to either two of them or myself you will be treated respectfully. Understand we stock hundreds of different guns. Our ignorance is no excuse but we cant know everything about every gun we carry especially when its the first one we have ever had. If you are never a patron of our establishment again I would obviously understand, but I personally guarantee that Tim, my father Keith , or myself will ensure your next visit to be pleasant and professional. Thank you for letting us know that our customer service during your visit was unacceptable! Any and all feedback is welcome to make sure all our customers feel appreciated and respected.


    Adam Queen
    Asst. Manager
    American Tactical and Pawn

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