Ranier 155gr Load for 10mm

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by Lammar72, May 15, 2011.

  1. I am looking for suggestions for the Ranier 155gr FN TMJ plated bullets. I have read that the velocity should be kept below 1200 fps which is fine, I am looking for an accurate target load. I have 800x, Unique, and Herco:rofl: available for charges. Thanks

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  3. 21Carrier

    21Carrier Until I Gota 29

    This info is out of the new Hornady manual, and is for Hornady's 155gr XTP, so you should likely adjust the charges down slightly for the plated bullet, although with the extra case volume of the FMJ bullet, these charges will likely be spot-on. For 800-X, COAL 1.260", CCI 300 primers, Hornady 155gr XTP: 8.1gr = 1150fps, 9.0gr = 1200fps, 9.8gr = 1250fps. By the way, 8.1gr is the starting load.

  4. Thanks Guys
  5. Minerva

    I tried the 6.6 gr of unique and worked up loads 0.1 gr around it but seem to be getting some inconsistent results. About 2 flyers per 5 shot string? I am shooting the G20 with KKM stock replacement barrel. I am using factory BVA 180 gr JHP for a standard comparison and they group fine. I used Winchester LP and then CCI 300 primers with similar results. The 3-shots that group are less then 3" at 25 yrds off sand bag rest. All loads are measured on digital scale and 155gr Ranier bullets are gouped by weight for consistency. My best groups were Herco 6.9gr @ 2.50" - 3.50"
    Has your results with unique been consistent?

    As a side note the 800x performed poorly with CCI 300 and Win LP primers. I could not dial in any loads with the 155gr Ranier. The groups were 6"+. This is contrary to all I have read on the 800x. Any suggestions?
  6. If I'm not mistaken, the 155 grain plated bullets tend to have a problem with tumbling when you get into the faster loads. I figure if they are tumbling at high speeds, they are unstable at any higher velocities. So, I tried to set my loads up to be on the low side.
    Since you are using a different barrel than stock, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that your results with Unique were different than mine were with the stock barrel.
    My only suggestion is to keep trying different combinations until you find something that works. I got tired of Unique's metering problems and switched over to AA#7. My groups don't have as many overlapping rounds, but I'll bet the average is about the same.
  7. 21Carrier

    21Carrier Until I Gota 29

    I've never used Unique with 155gr bullets (or plated 10mm bullets at all, for that matter), but my 180gr/Unique loads have been VERY accurate (5.5gr - very light, 6.0gr - light, but nice, 7.0gr - near max for Unique, awesome 180gr load). Like MinervaDoe said, you just need to keep playing with the charges. My most accurate loads have come with Blue Dot, so perhaps a pound of that would help.
  8. Thanks - I will probably try a different bullet for the 800x and work up some loads again. I tried Herco after reading Waters "Pet Loads" and it turned out good groups with the Ranier 155gr .
  9. What manufacture / type 180gr bullet are you using? This is the first time using plated Ranier so I dont have much history with them. They were cheap.. I ended up separating the shipment into 3 lots of similar weights since there was some variations between 154gr and 157gr on the scale which might affect groups when working loads up..
  10. Kegs

    Kegs Ol 8 fingers ;)

    Go with hornady xtps. We have found them to be the best currently available for the 10, all things considered.

    I like the 200 gr. bullets personally and have never loaded for the 180s, but 180s are next on the list.

    If hornady made 135 bullets, I would be buying them up in mass quantities.
  11. The most accurate load so far for the 155gr Ranier FP is Herco @ 6.9gr with Starline Brass and 1.260" COL - CCI 300 primers. 800x would not group with the Ranier. I think this may be due to the plated bullets and the pressure range that 800x performs best at which may be around 9.5 gr. Unique was OK but I always had 2 flyers per 5 shot string? I am going to work up similar loads with Hornady XTP 155gr in order to draw some conclusions on powder and bullet usage in my G20. BTW I am using a KKM stock replacement barrel and 22lb spring. The Ranier 155gr bullets vary within 2 grains so I group them into three piles within 0.5 gr for working up loads so I can eliminate bullet weight variations to some degree.
  12. Just to follow up on the loads I was working up. I ran some Herco again and the 6.9gr for the Ranier FP seemed to group the best for that bullet. I also tried a full workup with Universal and had poor results. The good news is I revisited the 800x with 155gr XTP and got some excellent and consistent groups. The standout was 1.47" @ 21 yards of the sand bag rest with 9.7gr of 800x. No signs of overpressure. The 9.3 and 9.5 gr were not far behind with the groups getting tighter toward max specified load of 9.8gr...BTW this supports the suggestions above that the plated Ranier's do not like higher pressure / velocity of some of the 10mm loads, I will save them for the .40 S&W. Thanks all:wavey:
  13. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    This is very true. You may want to consider a heavier plated bullet if you want to bump energies a bit. Granted you will not get good groups with velocitites approaching hot loads.

    I use a lot of the Berry's 180 gr FP DS. 800-x groups ok @ velocities between 1000 - 1075 fps. Blue Dot has been the most precise of the powders I have run with 180 grain plated bullets. Accurate no. 7 has been good up to about 1150 fps above which it shows signs of tumbling.

    For 10mm, I would suggest a heavier plated bullet.
  14. I second the motion. The 10mm 155 grain plated rounds are the ones that have a reputation for tumbling if you push them too fast.

    I just loaded up another 500 rounds of Ranier 155 grain plated 10mm with 6.6 grains of Unique. But that is just me. I got my load out of the Oregon Bullet company manual and it claims that it would push a 155 grain lead bullet 1,100 fps. I figure with a plated bullet, I am pushing it even slower.
    155 grain LRN
    6.5 grains Unique = 1093 fps
    7.1 grains Unique = 1182 fps

    Since I bought 1,000 rounds of Ranier 155 grain bullets, I am sort of committed to this round, but next time I buy 10mm target practice bullets, I am likely to try 180 grain Raniers or 180 grain Precison Bullet Co. (good prices, but larger orders).
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  15. 21Carrier

    21Carrier Until I Gota 29

    Sorry Lammar72, I just saw your question to me. I was using Magnus 180gr FMJ-TC bullets with those Unique loads. They have been great for me. But to be honest, anything I say regarding accuracy must be taken with a grain of salt. The place I shoot has no benches, so I only shoot off-hand, which is not appropriate for good bullet accuracy testing. At the ranges I shoot (20 yds. and in) only MY accuracy is truly being tested.

    I second Kegs recommendation for the XTPs, but it looks like you have already seen how well they work.
  16. Bench resting a pistol? :whistling:

    Sacrilege! Might as well put a scope on it too. :supergrin:
  17. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I will try 180 gr XTP next [500 came in] and maybe Berrys or Montana Gold in plated variety. I am looking to score some Blue Dot as well, might as well add another canister to the cupboard...:wavey:
  18. I just got some of the 165 HBFNTP's (hollow base, flat nose, thick plated) from Berry's. Might be a good option for the 10mm.
  19. gator378

    gator378 Gator378

    Yep. It extends the range. Scoped 44 out to 120 yards. Red Dot on the Glock 20, 50 yard plates a snap. No 100 yard pistol range.
  20. 21Carrier

    21Carrier Until I Gota 29

    Hell, I don't know. Isn't that what most people do for accuracy testing? I just shoot. I am well aware that nearly every load will be more accurate than me, especially for SD use. So I'm not that concerned about 2 inch groups vs. 1 inch groups at 25 yards. Honestly, 6 inch groups at 25 yards would likely work for me. Until I try to hunt later. I'll do some real accuracy testing when I go to build that load.

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