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Ranger School Graduates ..

Discussion in 'US Army Forum' started by MarkP, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. MarkP


    Aug 14, 2000
    land of the free
    what did you do to prepare? (PT/"Ranger stakes"/etc).

    Did your unit have a pre-Ranger course or did you train on your own time?

    what kind of PT did you do in the train-up??

    thanks in advance,

    Mark P.
  2. rangerruck


    Oct 16, 2005
    my unit out in the 25th did, but still you need to wrk on your wind, i would do windsprints until you cna no longer stand it.
    also it woudl be good to through in at least one 5 mile run per week, and if your not used to humpin around in your combat boots and a heavy ruck, do that and also do some front calfraises, where your heel stays down, but you lift your toes upward, this will deff help you stave off those front side cramps.

  3. As Light Infantry at the 7th ID Ft Ord we went to a "Combat Leaders Course"/RIP and then we went to Ranger school. The 25th ID was the same back then. The 25th ID and 7th ID had the highest number of soldiers pass Ranger school then. Most Light Infantry are in shape to pass. If not then train your butt off.

    Now I hear its easyer. Best bet is break in a few sets of boots, do a lot of rucking, learn to stay awake in the outdoors for long hours. Being in shape for the first part is good, but by the end it was jsut staing alert and marching. I dont know if its that bad now, but you used to loose alot of weight and endurance with the training and limited food.
  4. rangerruck


    Oct 16, 2005
    true, i started at 195lbs, and when i hit fla., iwas 167. looked like crap.
  5. Physically fit is the key. You are going to get worn down. APFT, 5 mile run, and heavy ruck are all good. Make sure you can pass all the RAP week events... CWST and Land Nav. The land nav course was pretty easy back in 99. Listen to what the RIs tell you to do, adapt and be confident.
  6. Bolt_Overide


    Jul 23, 2005
    something my plt sgt told me to do, and it helped tremendously, is to run hills. Sprint up it as fast as you can, and jog back down. Helps a lot with the stamina. Also do it with a medium light ruck, in boots, it will help you strengthen your ankles, and break in the boots, and make sure you break in atleast 2 pairs of boots really well.

    These things will make you more prepared for school, but about the time you first see the darby queen, you will realise that you are not nearly as prepared as you want to be.


    Jan 9, 2004
    First of all, STFU rangerruck - you are nothing but a poser and have already been busted for it.

    As for the question at hand, here you go:

    Ranger School Preparation workout


    Jan 9, 2004
    Poserruck, don't ever send me another email. Your threats are pretty amusing considering the retarded gibberish that it also contained. Do I need to drag up the thread here and across the street again about you being a liar again? If I have to get them, the REAL Rangers will be happy to talk to you again. So STFU and disappear.

    Sorry for the hijack.
  9. rangerruck


    Oct 16, 2005
    wow! you are so tough sounding and smart and scary, i just dont know what to do ! Boy , i tell you i bet the other guys here on this post are real impressed and intimidated by you as well. Maybe we should all just sit down in a little semicircle in front of you , with our little hands under our chins, and listen to you in awe, really. maybe I dreamed D.E.P. , service into the army from high school, and maybe i was never stationed at the 25 th light, the 82nd airborne, or the 1/75 for any length of time, and maybe i didnt go through r.i.p. twice, once at the 1/75 and once at the 25th, and maybe i never went throught the very first class ever of light leaders course, and maybe i really didnt go through Ranger school, and getting all the way to Florida, before i had my left eye hurt very bad , and had to medical out. Your right man, it was one big HUGE dream.....ok, here goes, here is an em i sent to one of your buds back in december, 4 months ago, you still seem to be the only one left who just doenst get it.they dont ever change their minds on anything, I think I started to see the
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    knows that dys people are usually smart, I told you over and over that I
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    Dont be " that guy". you know , the last angry , uptight, bitter, disturbed
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    than you , and there is nothing you can do about it. As far as physical fear
    goes, let me tell you a story. The v.p. of my company is about 6'6" and 300
    lbs his name is Chuck Burkhardt and he is very smart and a U.T. grad. Ooooh
    check the u.t. alumni to see if he is there! I just took his word when he
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    to a gun show and then the range, best range you will ever go to .----
    Now let us see if we can get back to the origional thread, and actually be useful in our knowledge to someone else.
    yes everybody here is right, you've got to work on your endurance, strenght is not a factor here really. i would say that overall, doing high rep stuff, and lots of windsprints are going to help the most. another thought is to try to get pretty flexible.
  10. It seems to me poserruck, that you were outed as a "Poser" here and on other boards, a little while back. Whats changed?

    I saw nothing in your rather wordy and ill written, last message here that would convince me otherwise. Did you ever hear of paragraphs and punctuation?

    Give it up Poser! :upeyes:
  11. Jammer Six

    Jammer Six Rainwatcher

    Jan 26, 2006


    Jan 9, 2004

    Well, all I can really say is thanks for proving my point. Now everyone has to endure the pain of reading what you ramble about.
  13. Wow that's a long thread which didn't prove really anything...but who knows.
  14. Coastietech

    Coastietech Need a light??

    Jan 30, 2006
    I find it truly funny how online everyones in the military is either a sniper, a ranger, special forces, or some other elite force. In the 3 years I was in the military I only met a handful of real elite personnel and somehow on the internet people who didn't know better would think all of our force were made up of nothing but snipers, ranfers, or special forces. No offense to those of you that truly are tabbed for your accomplishments.
  15. rangerruck


    Oct 16, 2005
    oh yeah , you guys really got me.....ANYWAY, another good thin g to do is to make sure you are a strong swimmer. so you will need to try to find a place where you can practice swimming very well, or if possible ,let you swim with clothes on. especially if you can swim with pants and shoes on. back at the 25th , we had an olympic size pool to practice in , the main swimming pool on the base, and we would practice swimming across the width of the pool, shallow end first, and when we were more comfortable, across the deeper end, near one of the floating lines. once you could swim well across the width of a pool that size, doing the swim for the test was much easier, because their pool, if you could call it that back then , was not that wide. Also if I remember right, when you did the equipment jettison, the deep end of the pool at Schofield barracks was really deep, because they had 3 and 10 meter boards there, so if you could go to the bottom at that pool and retrieve your gear, you can retrieve it for the test, no problem.
  16. Coastietech

    Coastietech Need a light??

    Jan 30, 2006
    hey rangerruck didn't they tell you to STFU. Nobody gives a **** what you have to say.
  17. rangerruck


    Oct 16, 2005
    i dont think i was talking to you, , im not sure what you are doing , but let me tell you what i think. I think that on threads and forums such as this, when soneone asks about something or some knowledge or advice, if you can, you try to be helpful and give it to them. Looking back on this thread, you dont seem to have been much help yet. Oh... wait a minute,... i get it , your like some of the other dudes, you know, 35 yr. old or under males, single, Peter Pan complex, not grown up yet. Every conversation you have on one of these threads is some type of male penile measurement contest, and to show you are dominant, you must , like others here that can't swallow your own pride and admit when you are WRONG, you absolutely MUST have the last word. Thankfully i'm not infected with that malady or disease, like you. Sooo....G'head , talk it up, Threadkill, get in that last word... we are all waiting on your brilliance, and how well you influence others, and win over converts to your way of thinking, and your amazing friendliness, c'mon dazzle us! By the way Big Boy , i've yet to hear anyone argue that the advice I have given is wrong yet.
    Also speak for yourself , leg.
  18. crusader11m


    Mar 29, 2006
    Ruck nobody cares who you are talking to you have been busted several times for being a POS poser and all you do in response is type some rambling crap that makes you look even more retarded(if thats possible). This is not the only website that lists you as a poser either, so keep it up and your punk ass will be added to a few more walls of shame.

    crusader11m c3/12 inf 1st armored 93-96.
    P.s. i wasnt a ranger just a mech infantry saw gunner but you wont catch me telling people i was idiot.
  19. rangerruck


    Oct 16, 2005
    Don't cuss on this site, , if you look at that post more carefully, you will see it is a copy of an email that I sent 4 months ago on another site. if you cant understand it totally it is because your out of the loop and not looking at it in context. i wrote it to a guy who just couldnt shut up, and was actually dumb enough to threaten me, it sounds like you may be getting close as well. Are you considering joining the P.E.E.P. patrol, as well? Just another Peter Pan, c'mon with the comeback now, hurry up , your pals and I haven't got all day. Amaze us! Last word, Leg. Give it.