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Rangemaster Pistol & Shotgun, Shawnee, OK

Discussion in 'T&T Commercial Postings' started by Tom Givens, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Tom Givens

    Tom Givens
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    Jun 20, 2001
    Memphis, Tn, USA
    Rangemaster Training Courses, May 2010, Shawnee, OK Police Range

    24-25 May, Mon-Tue, Combative Pistol I; 9am-6pm; 1,000 rounds; $350.00

    26 May, Wed, Advanced Pistol Skills; 9am-6pm; 600 rounds; $200.00

    27 May, Thurs, Defensive Shotgun; 9am-6pm; $185.00
    125 rds birdshot, 50 rds buckshot, 15 slugs

    Package deals: CP1 + Adv Pistol Skills- $499.00 for three full days of training.
    All three courses, pistol + shotgun- $599.00

    This training will be conducted on a very nice police training range just outside Shawnee, OK. For details on the courses, see . The primary instructor will be Tom Givens, assisted by other Rangemaster staff. Call Lynn at 901-370-5600 to register.
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