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Range won't let me rapidfire, how do I practice it?

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by golls17, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. golls17

    golls17 Lifetime Newbie

    Feb 3, 2009
    I've been meaning to ask this, and keep forgetting.

    None of the ranges near me allow me to work on fast shooting. One even has a "3 seconds between each shot" rule/guideline.

    Since all of my guns are Glocks, I have to reset the trigger each time I dry fire, and I don't feel like putting that one fancy practice trigger in.

    Any other suggestions to work on consistent "rapid" trigger pulls?

    The closest I've gotten so far is using my trigger finger on a spray bottle while sanitizing tables at work... :upeyes:
  2. Glenn E. Meyer

    Glenn E. Meyer

    Feb 27, 2000
    Check out local IDPA or IPSC clubs.

  3. There is a drill we were taught at Glock Instructor school. You adopt a good firing position. Your buddy stands where he can grab the slide of the gun. You pull the trigger, he racks the slide as quickly as possible. Once you get the details worked out what you basically end up with is your buddy providing simulated recoil and the opportunity for a rapid followup shot. When your buddy gets the rack down you can rapid fire multiple shots.
  4. golls17

    golls17 Lifetime Newbie

    Feb 3, 2009
    I'd love to, but current funds won't allow :crying:

    Sounds great! Sounds like I need to find a friend who likes guns as much as me. Maybe I can talk my fiance into it (not likely). Sounds like a great drill.
  5. Mr. Blandings

    Mr. Blandings

    Jun 20, 2001
    If funds are that limited, you probably want to stick to dry firing. Rapid fire eats costly ammo quickly.

    That being said, check with your local shooting ranges to see if they offer ANY opportunity for more realistic shooting. Some ranges conduct in-house "tactical" or "advanced" classes that allow departure from the normal range rules (draw from holster, draw from concealment, rapid fire, shoot on the move, etc...). Another option may be a shooting league or club that is not necessarily IPSC/IDPA sanctioned, but shoots similar courses of fire.

    The key is to become familiar with your local shooting community. Talk to the range staff. Talk to other experienced shooters. Good luck!
  6. stengun


    Nov 20, 2004
    Bugtussell, AR

    This is the dumbest thing that I have read on GT during 2009!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Do what I did. I bought a house in the country and made my own range.

    Since I'm the Range Master, I can do anything that I want to do.

  7. Perhaps, then, you should make note of the issue and inform Glock, Inc. about that. I'm sure they would love your insight on how they should be training folks with their pistol!:upeyes:
  8. 23 David

    23 David

    Apr 5, 2003
    Dosen't Glock make a training pistol that can be dry fired without having to rack the slide?
  9. Gallium

    Gallium CLM

    Mar 26, 2003
    Yes 23 David. :cool: It's their "P" pistol. I would surmise that what David A. speaks of is not a part of Glock Inc's 3 day pistol instructor workshop "official" exercises. I aint ever heard of it. See below for a PDF of what Glock Inc offers (of course, Glock instructors are allowed wide berth in deviating from the script...but it aint in the script) in it's 3 day/20 hr Instructor Workshop course.

    Did he do that drill? I have no reason to disbelieve him.

    To answer your question:

    "The following models are available: G17P, G19P, G22P, G23P and G26P. Glock Practice Pistols are only available to law enforcement officers."

  10. Don't know about official exercises, I just know that it was a part of the training when I went through in 1993 and was also part of the Instructor course a friend went through in 2005. It was done as a part of the "Trigger Reset Drills". But you are right, there is a lot of divergence in what the different instructors teach and how they teach it. After 5 Armorer courses, sometimes I wonder if they are talking about the same pistol<G>!
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2010
  11. gollbladder13,

    Option 1:

    Do they allow silencers at the rangers you go to? If not, get one and cheat!

    Also do they have a stop watch to clock you? Three seconds sound kind of stupid.

    Option 2:

    May I suggest a Glock Trigger Reset kit?


    The Glock Dry-Practice Kit (trigger re-set kit).

    These work well as I have one.

    OPTION 3. Master the "Ninja load".

    Except you can cheat.

    Use a Practice Glock barrel (can't fire the gun that way) made by Blade-tec


    Get a Glock recoil spring and take several coils off the spring (thus making it very easy to do a 'Ninja load'.)

    Just make sure when you take the recoil spring out you take the practice barrel out to (and the other way around, DON'T leave that light recoil spring in that gun!!!! To shoot real loads with it will be very bad news, like a Kaboom.)

  12. larry_minn

    larry_minn Silver Member Millennium Member

    Dec 16, 1999
    It really depends. As suggested find if they have any classes/private instruction. I have had fair luck with going to range when place is empty. Fire a few mags (within rules) and when reloading talk to RO and ask if you can "push" the time limits. Often they see you are keeping on paper they will let you speed up. Don't get crazy and keep control.
    I have also been allowed to draw/fire from holster with two targets/reload/etc if I work up to it. If RO says "we got some more folks here/slow down" DO IT.
  13. Marky Mark

    Marky Mark Curmudgeon

    Dec 3, 2004
    In 2004, Tatsuya Sakai won the Steel Challenge having done nearly all his practice with an Airsoft pistol in his native Japan, where real handguns are for all intents and purposes are illegal. I have Executive Protection colleagues who live in the UK, where private ownership of a pistol is impossible, but they still maintain proficiency. Where there's a will, there's a way.
  14. v65magnafan


    Jun 26, 2003
    South Carolina
    +1 for Marky Mark's suggestion. Get a replica Glock CO2 pistol. Just Goggle for one. They're available

    Practice in your basement with a range-type target. You can practice rapid fire, and you are actually firing a projectile at a target.

    The only problem is that the recoil will be non-existant.
  15. I picked up a KJ Works glock 27 replica airsoft pistol off of Craigs List last week to solve your exact problem. I wanted to practice my draw, and target acquisition. I had been doing the dry fire thing but it gets real old always racking the slide to get a real trigger feel. I picked it up for $40.
  16. Marine8541

    Marine8541 iseedeadpeople

    Jul 10, 2006
    Littleton, Colorado
    1ST get a quality .22 LR semi pistol, 2ND get a new range or find a place in the woods.
  17. swotivated


    Apr 14, 2009